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The Eve Before Game 7

Well, Game 6 was pretty much over before it really got started. This has been a really nasty series but, it doesn't get any better than Game 7 in a Stanley Cup Final. A quick un-educated prediction is a Vancouver win, 2-1 in OT.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kevin)You might have seen this image used as a Nordiques logo a few times before on CCSLC. The note here is the increase in the use of red. I think it would be cool in the logo the reverse the blue and red so that the wolf's eye is red.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Mark)Vintage style, brown Bruins concepts here. I'm a big fan of that vintage logo and the brown used in the Winter Classic. Combining the two is excellent. Just a quick and constructive note and I'm not picking on Mark here. However, it is better to include numbers and do it properly on the back of your concepts. It lets people know that you spent some time on it and didn't just slap some stuff together. Which I am NOT saying Mark did here, just making a point.

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Kevin)Really unique design/stitching on these jerseys. I tip my hat to Kevin on thinking outside the box with this pattern. I wonder if the Griffins will again have their fan designed jersey contest again this year? (Usually held through PuckDrawn)

Florida Panthers concept (by Tex)This is meant as a possibility for what we will see the Panthers unveil at the Draft on the 24th. I do like the idea of using the gold from the 3rd jersey instead of the classic yellow. I think the sun shoulder patch actually looks better in this gold.

Florida Panthers concepts (by John)Two straight forward ideas here as John turns the 3rd jersey red and keeps the powder blue. Neat look but, I don't think that blue is strong enough. The bottom jersey takes their former home blue and turns it red.

New York Rangers concept (by Scott)Of course this year will mark 10 years since the events of September 11th. Scott suggests that the Rangers should have a memorial jersey for the year. "New York" across the front and NYFD and NYPD shoulder patches.
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Glen Cuthbert said...

Scott's Rangers for COTW

Ryan said...


-DW said...


Tex said...

Scott, great concept, LOVE the stars.

spirit104 said...

Fourthed, if that is a word.

Michael said...

As a huge Ranger fan I love that Jersey Def COTW

Scott Markiewicz said...

Thanks guys!!!!


On the New York rangers 10th anniversary OF 9/11 jersey, what about the PAPD-Port Authority Police Department? Just asking!

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