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Draft Recap and Concepts!

What a Draft! It lived up to my expectations and then some! Essentially, we got to see 6 "new" sweaters tonight at the NHL Draft in Minnesota along with new patches.

1. Florida Panthers made sure to disappoint me, when their new red jersey was leaked just over an hour before the Draft.
2. Edmonton surprisingly showed up to the podium with their new white road jersey.
3. LA's table runner kid was sporting the new white road Kings jersey.
4. Nashville's table runner kid also confirmed last night's Predators jersey leak, as he was wearing a white road sweater.
5. Tampa Bay were able to wear their new sweaters in an official NHL event.
6. The Winnipeg Jets returned and gave their draft pick a generic NHL jersey and hat.
7. The Islanders unveiled a 40th anniversary patch to be worn on the right shoulder of their jerseys next season. Ottawa also had the All Star Game patch on their jerseys.

For a full update, including pictures, of tonight's jersey happenings go to the 11/12 JERSEY RUMOURS page.

As I mention earlier today, Scott's Rangers concept won Concept of the Week. You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry.

Again mentioned earlier today, Tom's Las Vegas Vipers logo handily won that vote. The next step is the jersey concepts. It is a MUST that you click the banner on the right and read all of the rules!

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Kris)Kris sent this to me yesterday and I had no idea that we'd see it today at the Draft.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Kris)This is also what the new Kings road jersey looks like, with a couple small alterations.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Kevin)Kevin made these up after seeing the leak on Thursday.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Scott)Scott did the same thing after seeing the leak. To me it looks like on the actual jerseys that the numbers are very close to the old Thrashers numbers. Furthermore, the name on the back looks like the same font from the old "Buffaslug" jerseys.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Ryan)After the logos were released on Wednesday, I started to throw these together. Then, after the leak I realized how far off I was.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by WhiteLightning)I guess we can put this brand to rest now. This may be one of the last Moose concepts I get. It was a good month while it lasted.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Shaun)Nice job here by Shaun. It looks like a retro jersey but, really the only thing we've ever seen here before on a Jets jersey is the logo.

Minnesota North Stars concept (by Mike R.)Mike took this Dallas Stars concept from an Icethetics post and turned it into a North Stars concept. Actually, not really a concept, more a 70's North Stars jersey.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Marty)These are crazy with the Flames print going up the sides. This reminds me of what might have happened had the Flames been involved with the initial group of 3rd jerseys from 1996.

Ottawa Silver Seven concept (by Adam)One of the first dynasties in hockey were the Ottawa Silver Seven. This would be a good outdoor game jersey for the Sens. Yet, as a SILVER Seven jersey, should the colour not be silver instead of gold?

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Michael N.)Michael uses the defunct IHL's Quebec Rafales shoulder patch as a shoulder patch for the Nordiques jerseys. I really like the blue one on the bottom. I love the double white stripes on the arms.
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