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Eric`s KHL ReDesign Part VI...and more

Word is that if the Bruins finish off the Lightning tonight, then Game 1 of the Final will be on Monday in Vancouver. If Tampa forces a 7th game then the Final will probably start on Thursday. Either way, HJC will be doing a another live blog during Game 1! Did you miss the live blog of the West Final - Game 3? You can go back and review it here. Live blogging means get your Canucks and your Bruins/Lightning concepts ready to send in. The best will be posted during the event. This is one instance where I won't be posting everything I get. If you do send something in make sure to note it's for the live blog. Hope you can join me on Monday or Thursday, whenever the series starts. Now, concepts!!!!

DINAMO RIGA (by Eric)The Latvian team in the KHL currently sports a very busy uniform set in Latvian maroon, black and grey. It's not too bad, but there are some good looks in this franchise's past. This jersey is based off of the jersey they wore when soon-to-be NHLer Arturs Irbe set skate in the crease. The combination of elements of a few Original Six teams struck me as impressive, so I used it. These also feature one of the very few times in the series where you will find vintage white. The third features the Latvian maroon heavily, along with the blue and beige. All logos on this jersey set are original, although the alternate logo is based off of an old logo they used to use back in USSR times. NOBS: Sandis Ozolinsh, Brock Trotter, Martins Karsums.

SEVERSTAL CHEREPOVETS (by Eric)The jerseys that Severstal use right now are... well, they're kind of like herpes. They leave you infected forever after just one look. Wearing these jerseys will make the fashion police arrest you for crimes against humanity. Jokes aside, the flame motif they use now doesn't go well with a red-blue-white logo. So it's out with the old, and in with colours that actually match. Modern stripes on the home and road, and old-school stripes on the alt. NOBS: Andrei Shefer, Evgeny Grachev, Martin Cibak.

SIBIR NOVOSIBIRSK (by Eric)Modern arms-length stripes and a new logo based on their old one. Not much to say, really. The alt is based on the fauxback jerseys they currently use as their home and roads. NOBS: Ville Nieminen, Alexander Hellstrom, and Igor Mirnov.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kevin)I'm enjoying the idea of a red third jersey and this one here isn't too bad. I'm okay with the home and the road except for the colours on the sides. I would have left the jersey one solid colour.

Quebec Bulldogs concept (by WinnipegJets96)The logo on the front is a bit too big. I like the use of QUEBEC on the back instead of the player's name. I don't understand the use of black though on the sleeves. I also can't tell if this is a home coloured jersey or a road white. Whichever it is, I'd decrease the other colour to make it more definable.

New York Islanders concepts (by John)John takes the Isles' jerseys and makes them orange. On each set he switches up the blue and white to give us different looks. He uses the lighthouse logo, which I'd like to see used again by the Islanders.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Kyle)Again, not a fan of the colours going up the sides. I do like that A logo as a main crest. I also like the baby blue jersey without the aforementioned sides. This Thrashers concept makes me wonder how long before people forget the Thrashers (if they move) and their concepts stop coming in?

Minnesota Wild concept (by Marty)This jersey is obviously a little different. The half red, half green style reminds me of jerseys they sold in the 90's that were half home and half road jerseys. Even though it's not my choice of jersey, it is well put together for an "out there" concept.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Brian)Brian does a nice job here of combining the TNSE (True North Sports & Entertainment) preferred Moose brand with the colours of the Jets. I wonder if Winnipeg fans would accept this as an alternative to the Jets. Brian also made some small alterations to the logo. I think I prefer the original.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Brian)Brian posted the previous versions and got some feedback from CCSLC. These are the changes he made. I prefer the Jets coloured versions from before. These remind me a little bit of the Canucks which might not be a good idea with a very good possibility of a looming Winnipeg-Vancouver rivalry.

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Avi said...

brians first concept looks too much like a blue jackets jersey, but thats just my opnion

Jackets Color Guard said...

I saw on the TV guide that Youngblood is on VERSUS tonight at 8pm (EST). It's a great movie and I would highly recommend it.


Im glad they called them the Jets! Because Winnipeg Jets rolls off the tongue easier than Manitoba Moose! But, that's just me!

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