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Eric's KHL ReDesign Part V...and more!

Sorry that there wasn't a post yesterday. I had other obligations and couldn't get to my computer. I'm going to try and supersize today's post though.

NEFTEKHIMIK NIZHNEKAMSK (by Eric)One of two double-blue teams here. This team has always used a dark blue for the jersey, but a lighter one in the logo. So, for continuity's sake, the lighter blue comes in. The dark blue alt is an alternate take on the team's old jerseys, with big fat arms length stripes. The logo is an alteration of their current one. NOBs are for Maksim Pestushko, Martin St. Pierre, and Sergei Konkov.

METALLURG NOVOKUZNETSK (by Eric)This is the first jersey I designed for this series, back in September. I know there about three hundred Blackhawks concepts that look exactly like this - including one by Ryan, if I'm not wrong - but I can explain. Again, this choice is based on tradition. The team has had simple, Hawks-like stripes for years. It's a good look, and only some minor changes were needed from what they already have. The jerseys I based these on look an awful lot like the alternate I designed - hey, I told you I thought it was a good look. NOBs: Mark Bomersback, Dmitry Orlov, Ruslan Khasanshin.

AVANGARD OMSK (by Eric)This a lot of tragedy in the past few years; the death of a top prospect on the ice, underwhelming seasons under one of the games all-time greats, playoff runs cut suddenly short, and - lastly - having to wear BFBS jerseys with sublimated wings under the arms. Some simplification? I think so. The wing pattern is now replaced by a big block of red under the arm, and the logo sees some minor simplifying as well. The chest patch is a memorial patch for Aleksei Cherepanov, the Rangers draft pick who keeled over in the middle of a game with the team a few years ago. The wing is brought back in a small way on the white alt. The stripes are supposed to recall the swooshes in the logo. NOBS: Jaromir Jagr, Marek Svatos, Roman Cervenka.

I will now take some time to post some concepts that got lost in my email. As I explained in my last post, my email was filtering out emails from Yahoo accounts. I'm going to post some of those "lost" concepts today.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Dan)
Dan has taken the now retired 3rd jersey and created a whole set. When put together in this way, the jersey actually makes some sense. Still not the best but, not atrocious either.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Kyle)
I think these have the same downfall as the 3rd jersey does. There's too much going on. I would personally cut the colours on the side of the jersey at the half point and only have them coming up from the hem.

Montreal Wanderers concept (by Sean)
Despite being a 5 time Stanley Cup champion, the Wanderers only have 4 NHL games in their history books. They folded after their arena burnt down in 1918. Here Sean gives us a concept for the defunct club. I think I'd want to see more red. Maybe around the arm stripes, and a smaller jersey crest.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Michael)
Michael borrows from the NFL team that shared the same name with the NHL's Oilers. He uses the Houston Oilers logos and colours to create this concept. Nice idea Michael.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Spirit104)
Here's another neat idea. Spirit has put the player's number on the front of the jersey inside the team's circle logo. I like the thought behind the silhouette shoulder patch but, I think it might need some grey like the Hurricanes do on their 3rd jersey.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Tex)
Tex has grabbed the Canucks jerseys set and made a few changes. I think most would want to see these changes also. The only thing I would have kept is the current number font. It's different enough but, not too different to be disliked.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Josh)
It looks like the ownership group of the Manitoba Moose have been given permission by the NHL to negotiate the purchase of the Thrashers and move them into the MTS Centre. That group has said that only the Coyotes would have been called the Jets, anything else would be called the Moose. So, Josh created this concept combining the colours of the Jets, and some of the jersey elements, with the Moose logo. I really like it and want to nominate it for COTW.

Finally, back in April, I wrote a post telling you about the process of how I created a logo for a guy named Tom and his hockey team. Well, they won the tournament and below is their championship pic.

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