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COTW Winner May 16-22

COTW voting finished last night and the winner, with 25% of the votes, is me (Ryan). For only the 2nsd time, a ReDesign entry has gone on to win COTW. The first was Jack's Thrashers ReDesign. You can view the results below.As you can see, the voting was quite close. You can view the winning concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Hamilton Bulldogs concept (by Alan)Alan has sent in this design before but, it was for the Canadiens. He felt that it was better suited for their farm club, the Hamilton Bulldogs. I would tend to agree with him. I'd also like to see a more consistency with the shades of blue. I like traditional jerseys so, what does everyone else think of this?

New York Islanders concepts (by John)We've also seen these jerseys before from John but, they were orange. Now he's implemented the rumoured black with blue and orange (as a 3rd next season) and used the lighthouse logo. I say leave this style to the Knicks and Mets but, I doubt that the Islanders will listen.

Toronto Tecumsehs (by WinnipegJets96)The Tecumsehs played one season in the NHA, in which they finished last. Was this shade of green even discovered yet back in the early 1900's? The simplicity of the design fits the era. What era is this for though? It's on an Edge cut jersey.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Kyle)To add a little life to this concept I think it needs more than just a big blocky stripe on the arm. While I appreciate the attempt at a new logo, I think that font on the front and back of the jersey is a little 90's. A few changes and this might start to shape up.

Calgary Flames concept (by Michael)This one borrows the design from the Penguins Winter Classic jersey and I prefer it in these colours. With the city above the logo, rival Canucks would have a field day accusing the Flames of copying them! I think the CALGARY should be removed and maybe have the horse logo on the shoulders.

Winnipeg Phoenix concepts (by Bryan)Bryan gets a little clever here by giving a new Winnipeg franchise the same name as a possible city that could have had their team relocated there. Cool jerseys but, the logo on the red jersey could probably use a white outline like the numbers on the back have. The colours would be somewhat unique as no team has worn what looks like fire red and vegas gold.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam)Sam puts forth a nice concept for his first contribution. I really like that green one. I think that would work well as a Winter Classic jersey! I also like the style of the numbers on the back.

Minnesota North Stars concept (by Brad)This isn't a North Stars concept for the ReDesign but, an Edge version of their 75-78 green jersey. Brad has turned the green into forest green. Collar laces are now featured also. I really like how there is still a drop shadow on the logo and numbers but, it's not as prominent because it's the same colour as the jersey. Nice work.

Speaking of the North Stars ReDesign, tomorrow at 11:59pm EST is the deadline to get your entries in. Voting will start on Monday and I HOPE to have a post up with all of the entries sometime on Sunday. I'll then post the late entries on Monday.

Final note is the Live Blog which will happen during Game 1 on Wednesday between the Canucks and Bruins. So if you got Canucks or Bruins concepts for the Live Blog, send them in now and they may get posted. You can also send them in as I am blogging on Wednesday.
COTW Winner May 16-22 Reviewed by Ryan on May 28, 2011 Rating: 5


Stephan said...

Bryan for cotw

spirit104 said...

Brad North Stars for COTW

Ryan said...

I'll go ahead and 2nd Brad's nomination

Anonymous said...

i vote Brad for COTW

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