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Hope everyone is enjoying the playoffs as much as I am. I've gotten to sit down every night for the past week and watch great hockey! My wife probably isn't too thrilled with me but, it's the playoffs!!! I thought the Wings-Coyotes series was really going to be top notch but, it looks like I'm going to be disappointed. I am really enjoying the Pens-Bolts series though.

Dallas Stars concept (by Jack)
It looks like Jack has decided to abandon the green in the colour scheme and go with black, white, and gold. I think this is a good looking jersey but, I don't think it needs the collar laces. By doing that I think it just gets put into the category of laces for the sake of laces.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Ryan)I took the current logo and put the retro jersey purple and gold on it. I was excited at first but, now I think it came out looking like the Kings are trying to be the Lakers. Maybe not, what do you think?

St Louis Blues concepts (by Scott)Scott brings back the pre-Edge jerseys...somewhat. He's used white on the cuffs of the home sweater and uses the current 3rd jersey logo as a shoulder patch. Laces also find their way to the colllar.

With the Hawks on the brink of elimination I thought I would try and give their fans something not as dooming.

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Mason)Both jerseys are inspired by older and current uniforms. The top borrows from elements from the 1940-55 white jersey. I really love the shoulder patch on the arm bands, such as they did from 1955-59. The bottom jersey is based on the current home sweater, with two stripes removed at the hem.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)Tex has Edge-fied the 1948-51 white jersey. On his concept though, he uses the stripes currently found on the white jersey.

A few HJC regulars also have their own blogs. Be sure to give a quick look at the following people's pages.

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Andrew said...

Ryan's LA Kings for COTW!!

Anonymous said...

I want a new Stars jersey. And I like this one but it looks like a Bruins jersey.

Tex said...

Actually the striping I used was used on this jersey also, but I did use the current striping pattern.


Darkside said...

I really like the Kings white concept. I don't think it is a "Lakers-wannabe" concept, it looks really nice. I wonder how you would think of a matching dark one: in particular, would you go with gold or white numbers?

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