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Round 2 Predictions

The 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starts tonight and it'll be hard pressed to match the quality of the first round. For an updated bracket board, my 2nd round predictions and to leave your predictions click on the PLAYOFFS 2011 tab.

Today is also the final day to vote for COTW on the left side of the page. It's a very close race between 1st and 2nd. So, if you haven't voted yet be sure to before 11:59pm EST.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Jack)Jack does something a little different here with the stripes on the sides at the hem. The arms on the jersey are cool and I thought I'd like the green outline on the numbers but, now I see it and I think it's better plain.

Lethbridge Hurricanes concept (by Ryan)About a month or more ago the WHL's Lethbridge Hurricanes began a contest to design their 2012-13 alternate jersey. I was going to send this in as my entry but, I didn't. Why? Fear of going up against concepts like the one you'll see next.

Lethbridge Hurricanes concept (by Joshua)When a concept comes from a local it obviously is going to have more meaning and effort behind it. Josh has done a great job creating a logo here and explaining all of the great features of the jersey. He also sent along a page showing a little bit of the process he went through to get to the final concept. I'm nominating it for COTW.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason)Mason intended this concept as a Winter Classic concept. He's taken elements from the old Philadelphia Quakers jersey and applied them here. Then he reversed the colours and used a little vintage white on the logo.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Brian)We end where we began, with the Canucks. Brian, working on the same idea as his COTW nominated Pens white alternate, has created this Canucks white alternate from the early 2000's. Great looking sweater and I think it would look even better without the gradient.
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Connor Hanley said...

IMO i would switch the blue gradient with the red bottom of brians canucks jersey

Brandon said...

just wondering.. what is the "Net Worth" movie? i've never heard of it

Brian said...

Ryan's Lethbridge concept for COTW.

Joshua Schroeder said...

@Brandon - Good description of Net Worth from IMDB.com: "This powerful tale of the NHL's early years follows Ted Lindsay, an all-star for the Detroit Red Wings, in his quest to create a Player's Association to protect the rights of players against the ravages of monopolistic, profit taking owners. Lindsay, spurred on by the memory of a former teammate who died broke because he couldn't access his pension, mobilizes players from around the league to his cause."


Second Ryan's Lethbridge concept for COTW. Nice fusion of classic striping and colours on a contemporary cut. I also like the subtle use of the lower arch from the existing Hurricanes logo. Aside from my own, easily my favourite Hurricanes concept that I've seen so far :)

Glen Cuthbert said...

Brian's Canucks for COTW

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