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I noticed that a lot of votes were cast for "Other" in the Weekly Poll. Feel free to leave a comment anywhere on what you think is the best hockey video game or drop a line on the Facebook page.

Portsmouth Pirates concepts (by Tom & Ryan)Tom and myself got together to try and create a really great concept team. We actually choose the colours and team name first. Then Tom found a city for our fictional team to play in. The city is actually anything but fictional and you can rad Portsmouth's Wikipedia entry here. Then Tom created the logo and sent it to me. I created the jersey and after a few changes we finalized everything.

Texas Stars concept (by Scott)Scott gave Dallas' AHL team their old jerseys. He made a couple of changes including, white cuffs and a gold hem.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason)Mason borrowed a logo and the gold colour from baseball's Nationals and loaned them to the Caps for this concept. Personally, I think the gold makes it look more like a Panthers jersey and I'm not digging the blue namebar. I do like the striping on the jersey though.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason)Mason again borrows a logo from the same city. This time he used the MLS's Philadelphia Union logo for his Flyers concept. I like the jersey here but, I'm not in favour of a circle logo for a team that already has a classic logo.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Jack)Plain and simple, Jack wants to see the Penguins use these old "Sunday Yellows" as their alternate jerseys.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)Tex also wants to see the Penguins use the old gold but, he says, if they were to use vegas gold it would have to be on this jersey from the early 2000's.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Alan)First time contributor, Alan, takes the gradient from the inaugural '95 alternate jersey and puts it on a new style Reebok cut.
Pittsburgh & Pirates Reviewed by Ryan on April 05, 2011 Rating: 5


Brandon said...

Ryan/Tom for COTW

Although, i kind of feel like a dark brown hat may have looked better especially on the dark jersey. Still a great look though.

spirit104 said...

I second Tom/Ryan's concept for COTW.

Brian said...

Alan's wacky Pittsburgh concept for COTW!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Scott for COTW!

Harry Jackson said...

I love ryan/toms concept, but I don't like the road jersey. I like the gradient pens jersey, but I love the the early 200's Pens jersey. I think if Tex would have added robo penguins as a shoulder patch, it would be even better. Overall, an exceptional job on all the concepts

Andrew said...

Are we allowed to send in created teams that we made?

Ryan said...

@Andrew...send in anything that you create hockey related.

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