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Last day to vote for COTW April 11-17 is today as the poll closes at 11:59pm EST.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Jack)Jack has taken the grey out of the Canes 3rd jersey and with a little white, has added some life to it. I like this version better than the grey one but, I prefer the grey shoulder patch. I don't know why, I just think it's pretty cool. I guess it's because you can't see it until you're close-up.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Ryan)What I wanted to do here was go back to an old concept and re-do it properly. The original is on the bottom left and it was made February 17, 2009. The shoulder patch is from the collection of rejected logos when the Coyotes were creating their alternate sweater in 2008.

Chippewa Muskies concepts (by Brandon)This is Brandon's first shot at creating a complete logo. Well done, especially for a first shot. The name of the team comes from a world record muskie which was caught in the area. The location is inspired by Brandon's upcoming trip. Just beacuse of the time and effort it takes to create a new brand, I'm going to put a vote in for COTW.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brian)Brian re-coloured the early 2000's alternate logo and put it on an Edge jersey. The only change I would make is to switch the gold and the grey on the jersey. I also like the Brian stuck with a classic block number.

Long weekend this coming up so it will be a little difficult to say for certain that there will be a post. I hope to have one up tomorrow at least. It will be a Toronto-Montreal post, so if you got concepts for that rivalry send them in and I'll post them.
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