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Eric's KHL ReDesign

Today is the first installment of what will be a weekly series. Eric's KHL ReDesign will now be a Wednesday staple. We'll reveal 3 ReDesigns each Wednesday, right here at HJC. The descriptions are Eric's own words.

Amur Khabarovsk (by Eric)Don't worry, the home is as garish as this gets. The design I've made was influenced by 80's soccer jerseys. The color yellow was used about a decade ago by the team, pre-government ownership, so there is a historical precedent. The shoulder logo is the logo that was used once by team, pre-government ownership, only recolored to fit the new color scheme. The road jerseys are much more understated, using less radical striping, but identical fonts, and logos. The alternate is simply a blue version of the road jerseys. The logos are unchanged. The NOBs are for David Ling, Alexei Kopeykin, and Stephen Dixon.

Atlant Moscow Oblast (by Eric)The colors chosen for this team are the same as their older team - Khimik. Blue, red, and yellow are picked. The team's logos from the last few seasons are used on the home and road. An edited version of their new logo shows up on the shoulders of both the home and road. The third is a fauxback of a vintage Khimik jersey, with an original wordmark logo. The lettering is "ATLANT" in Cyrillic. The team's actual new logo is shown on the pants of the third. The NOBs are for Sergei Mozyakin, Jan Bulis, and Kyle Wellwood.

Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg (by Eric)I wanted to simplify the team's look, so I went with an 80's esque stripe pattern, using diagonal stripes. For the third, I admit to going black for black's sake, because quite a few of these teams have third jerseys the same color as their homes and I wanted some variety. The "A" logo loses its wings, and red and white swoosh stripes are used to recreate that effect. The flag of the Yekaterinburg oblast - the Russian equivalent of a province or state - is on the shoulder of the home and away, a la Calgary Flames. NOBs are for Alexander Gulyavtsev, Andrei Subbotin, and Vitali Sitnikov.

Florida Panthers concept (by Jack)
Jack has done a nice job here updating the red Panthers jersey. He utilizes both shoulder patches and has simplified the main crest somewhat. I like it, I think it could work. It's a lot better than what they have now (we say that a lot about the Panthers)

Boston Bruins concept (by Spirit104)
Spirit uses a stylized B as a logo here. It's pretty cool, it kind of reminds me of the Red Sox yet is not the same. This jersey suffers the same as the current 3rd, it's a little plain.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brian)
If you're a fan of the Penguins '95 alternates/roads, then you might love this also. Brian has created a matching home white. Wait, it has Crosby's name, does that mean it's a road white? I'm confused, either way, great idea.
Eric's KHL ReDesign Reviewed by Ryan on April 20, 2011 Rating: 5


Glen Cuthbert said...

Brian's Pens for COTW

Darkside said...

The white mid-90's Penguins jersey is really awesome! Though, I would try to go with yellow/orange numbers with black trim (same maybe with names).

Connor Hanley said...

erics Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg concept for cotw

Tex said...

Second the Pens nomination.

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