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Eric's KHL ReDesign Part II

It's Wednesday so we continue with the 2nd part of Eric ReDesign on the KHL. Again, the concepts are described in his own words.

BARYS ASTANA (by Eric)Double blue alert! Wait, though, I'll explain. Blue and white have always been Dynamo Moscow's colours. I figured that Barys using navy and white would be like the Washington Nationals wearing Yankee pinstripes. Double blue would make them look somewhat unique. The extra long shoulder yoke is based on the jerseys the team wore when they broke into the league. The waist stripes are there because...well, I thought they looked cool. Also, a silhouette of the Kazakh eagle - the national symbol - sweeps between the numbers and tail stripes of the home and road. The third incorporates some yellow for both contrast and national pride. (Yellow is one of Kazakhstan's national colors.) The NOB's are all for former fringe NHLers: Kevin Dallman, Jiri Novotny, and Lukas Kaspar.

VITYAZ CHEKHOV (by Eric)The design for Vityaz ("Warriors") incorporates grey into their current red-and-white color scheme. Striping influenced by basketball jerseys is used, with stripes looping underneath the armpits. The current logo is used on the home and road. The alt uses more conventional stripes, and is mostly grey. An original logo of a gladiator's helmet is used. The NOBs are for former captain Chris Simon, Vadim Berdnikov, and Alexander Komaristy.

CSKA MOSCOW (by Eric)Arguably the greatest team in Soviet history, commonly known as the Red Army team. For many years in Communist times, this team was basically the Russian national team. Now, although not nearly as dominant as in years past, they are still always ranked high in the standings. Their current jerseys are red with white and blue stripes and a blue shoulder yoke, trimmed in white. The blue shoulder yoke is out, and vintage white - which I usually hate - is used, because I felt it makes it look better. The current logo is used. The third is a simple blue jersey with red shoulders, and a CSKA wordmark diagonally down the jersey, like the Rangers. For the record, this design was finished a solid two months before the Rangers third was released. Any similarity is purely their fault. NOBs are for Yan Stastny, Jan Marek, and Slava Kozlov.

London Knights concepts (by Alan)
Alan takes the Knights unis and puts them on the Flames' Edge template. I know I don't mind them but, how will everyone else feel about them. That being said, I prefer what they wear now.

Youngstown State Penguins concept (by Tex)
I barely know anything about this team, other than they are an American university team from Ohio. Also, they have TERRIBLE jerseys currently. These would be an improvement by a 100 yards!!!! Check out their terrible jerseys HERE.
Eric's KHL ReDesign Part II Reviewed by Ryan on April 27, 2011 Rating: 5


Tom said...

Yea I'm going to have to agree with Ryan on the London Knights. I'm a huge fan of their current uniform, one of my all time favorite's. That being said It's still a great concept. Those colours just seem to always work. Great job

MMcG said...

I don't understand the colored arm pits on these Edge style jerseys - like shown here in the Knights concepts and currently used on the Sabres jerseys.

They just look stupid in my humble opinion.

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