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April 15, 2011

COTW winner and some concepts...

I'll let you all know that my Photobucket account is down right now. Apparently I'm a part of the 1% of accounts that are still down. So, team numbers and other photos may not be working right now.

COTW for April 4-11 has been determined and the winner is Tom with his Dallas Stars design. Results are below. You would normally be able to see the winning design on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab but, I need Photobucket operational for that to happen.

I'll add more to this post late tonight after the 7pm playoff games.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Who is going to be in the next COTW since 3 have been nominated but none second since April 8th?

Ryan said...

One of the rules is, if there's not enough nominations in a week, then I decide who the nominees will be.