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A COTW Playoff!!!

Below are the results for the voting for COTW Apr 18-24.We have a tie! Brandon and Brian each tied with 42.9% of the votes! There's only one way to decide this, a playoff! The concepts will go up against each other. Voting is on the left side of the page and will run until tomorrow (Sunday) @ 11:59pm EST. The winner will be revealed on Monday.

New York Rangers concept (by Mason)In my last post I posted a Flyers Winter Classic concept by Mason. This is their rumoured opponent and Mason has also created a Winter Classic concept for them. I like it except for the vintage white collar. I think it should be blue but, that's just me.

Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Brandon)Last week, I put up a post featuring the Leafs-Habs rivalry. I made some suggestions in that post and Brandon executed them and sent these in.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brandon)Then on Monday I posted a Penguins concept by Brandon and suggested that it should be white instead of vintage white. So, he sent that in too.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Jack)Several eras come together here to create Jack's concept. Numbers are from the early 2000's, stripes are from the '67 jersey and the logo is the 40's-60's logo. I like this because even though it's a mashing of eras it still looks like a classic Leafs jersey. This would be most acceptable as a new 3rd next season.

Heritage Classic concept (by Tex)Tex made this concept using an old logo I put together for a fictional Classic in Vancouver next year. He uses the old Millionaires jerseys, which the Canucks now own the rights to. Tex then used his very popular Sens concept, adding the rumoured shield shoulder patch. Tex made the game a colours vs colours match-up which obviously goes against NHL rules. However, I think it looks great and this is how it would have been back in the day of outdoor rinks and ponds.
A COTW Playoff!!! Reviewed by Ryan on April 30, 2011 Rating: 5


Tim said...

Tex, your work gets better all the time, great set.

Harry Jackson said...

Agreed, great work on the Sens concept.

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