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Caps, Habs and Blues

Normally on a Thursday while a ReDesign is going on, I post the first batch of entries. Due to how quiet this week has been, I will hold off on posting the entries until Sunday. You have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to get your Avs ReDesigns in. As I said yesterday, it's quiet this week so if you think you're an "underdog" this is a good week to get in an entry and slip into COTW if you win. Speaking of which, today is the final day to vote for COTW. Tomorrow we will start the voting for March's COTW.

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Stephen)I really like these. I think maybe the blue should be replaced by blue. I like the striping across the chest, we haven't seen something like that before.

St Louis Blues concept (by Brandon)Brandon puts the Blues' pre-Edge design on the current jersey cut. He then used a white Blues logo. The logo looks cool but, a bit out of place on this jersey.

Washington Capitals concept (by Jack)I guess this would be the easiest choice as a Caps 3rd jersey. The current uniform except blue, with the "weagle" as the main crest.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brian)Brian made this concept a couple of years ago and happened to come across it. So, he sent it in. The only thing I don't like about it is the red on the sides.

Washington Capitals concept (by Jack)Another great looking Caps jersey! I love it's simplicity and I like the stars down the sleeves. Possibly a nod back to the jerseys of the 70's and 80's. As much as I like the "weagle" as a logo, I tip my cap to Jack for going against the grain and keeping it as a shoulder patch.
Caps, Habs and Blues Reviewed by Ryan on April 07, 2011 Rating: 5


Darkside said...

The last Caps jersey is simply awesome and really kicks ass! I'd really love to see it as an actual alternate.

Ryan said...

After seeing it a couple hours later, I like Jack's 2nd WSH concept even better. I'll give it a COTW nom

Tex said...

Stephen, you spelled "Gianta" incorrectly, should be "Gionta". But still a nice concept.

Harry Jackson said...

I love all three Caps concepts, not so much the Habs one.

Glen Cuthbert said...

I'll second Ryan's COTW nomination for Jack's Capitals.

Paul Nichols said...

I'll third that last Caps concept. I don't know why, but the Weagle just doesn't look right on the front of the jersey.

Of course, if they go with a blue jersey, they'd have to wear it on the road - it just wouldn't go with the whole "Rock the Red" thing.

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