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Buffalo Sabres, Concepts for Game 7

In support of the Sabres' game 7 efforts tonight I've got some Buffalo concepts. As a die-hard Leafs fan I would normally never cheer for the Sabres but, hopefully, this support will wear off on them and they can pull this one out on Flyers ice. Why support them? For a couple of reasons, first I have Buffalo in 7 games in my pool and I really need the points. Second, Buffalo is roughly only 90 minutes drive from me, if they were to make the Final I would try my best to get tickets. One of the items on my bucket list is to see the Stanley Cup presented live.

Portland Pirates concept (by Ryan)Ok, this first one isn't for the Sabres but, it is for their farm club. I used the current navy blue and the old 80's home jersey (with a few Edge adaptations). I created this a couple months back so I think I'd make a few changes now. However, I'd keep the jersey blue and gold as it has always bothered me that the Pirates never changed from black and red.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Mason)Mason gives us a white version of the 3rd jersey. I like the blue on the sleeves and the hem which enables him to continue to use the gold stripes. The blue yokes also give a nod to the old 80's jerseys. I like this jersey but not on the ice. I'd like to see it as a "limited edition fan's jersey".

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Brian)Brian sent me these and titled it "fixing the Sabres". He's taken away the grey piping and arm pits. While I agree with Brian that they do not look good, it's my opinion that they are useless on the jersey as I think you can't see them. Brian respectfully disagreed with me and feels that they need to go. We both agree that the numbers on the front of the jerseys need to go away. What do you think about the piping and "pit stains"?

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tex)I'm a fan of this one too as Tex does a nice job using the new Buffalo script on a white jersey. I love the gold stripes outlined in blue. The number under the wordmark also works quite well.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Will)This is Will's first concept submission to HJC and it looks great. He's added a buffalo horns design to the helmet and added an extra sabre behind the B on the logo. I also like the use of a grey jersey here. The player's name is the current 3rd jersey font and the number is a custom font. Even though the font is custom is still has a classic look to it.


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Jack)I just got an email from Jack with a great Sabres concept so I thought I'd post it today being quite appropriate. I like this jersey especially that crest which gives the jersey a heritage look. I think I'd just get rid of the yellow outline and then add the red eye.
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Josh S. said...

Didn't love the grey on Will's concept at first, but even after a few looks it's starting to grow on me. I definitely dig the numbers, and the extra sabre in the logo works very nicely, too. I think I'd prefer the striping if it was like Tex's concept, with a blue stripe between the yellow ones to add a little punch to it. Some good stuff in that concept, for sure.

Jackets Color Guard said...

I had a question about the poll for the week. How can you have the greatest hockey movies of all time without Youngblood?

Ryan said...

@Jackets Sorry, I never saw Youngblood. Thus I never heard of Youngblood. That's why Youngblood is not on the list. If/when I see Youngblood, I might put it on a future list.

Jackets Color Guard said...

I understand, I would highly recommend watching that movie though. It's pretty awesome. And Rick Nash's favorite movie.

Tex said...

I hate piping and pit graphics, personally. And Ryan's Pirates concept for COTW.

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