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Seeing as this has quickly become the hot topic again in hockey, today's post features concepts for possible teams returning to former NHL cities, namely Quebec and Winnipeg.

It's a very basic argument but, how can the NHL deny passionate and hockey mad cities like Winnipeg and Quebec, yet be so devoted to Phoenix and Atlanta (to name only a few). The people of those cities seem terribly disinterested in hockey. Granted, there are people there who love hockey and support their teams to the end. Unfortunately there just aren't nearly enough of them and they don't show up on a consistent basis. If I met Gary Bettman and was only allowed one question it would be, what more do cities in CANADA need to do to get NHL teams?

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Tex)Great jersey here. If the Jets were still in the league they would probably look like this. However if Winnipeg were to get another team I think I might want to see something new.

Winnipeg Penguins concepts (by Michael)This one goes a little different route. Michael was debating with his friend, what if Mario actually went through with his threats to get out of the league and sell the Penguins? This is what they came up with.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Scott)I enjoy these jerseys. It's something new yet it seems to me to combine elements from their WHA days and their final days in the NHL.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Jack)What if the Nordiques never left? For the 1995-96 season, they were planning a complete rebrand! They were going to use the logo used on Jack's concept. Would this be their current jersey?

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Bryan)The logo comes from a site looking to bring the Jets back to Winnipeg (JetsOwner.com). This is a cool looking jersey. Plus, it's something new as I said I would like to see, above.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane uses last year's Leafs jerseys. As he says, they are fine jerseys just not for the Leafs. And he's right! These do look 100 times better as Nordiques jerseys! The wold logo is clipart. I love the classic 3rd jersey! It looks great and has some new elements on it!

That's it for this post. Will we see a team in Winnipeg next season? Will there be a team in Quebec within the next 5 years? We shall see.
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Glen said...

Jack's Nords for COTW

Dylan said...

Stéphane for COTW too!

Anonymous said...

Tex's jets jersey for cotw


I don't understand what a dog has 2 do with the Nordiques?

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