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Wild Lightning causes an Avalanche!!!

I'm going to hold off on announcing the next redesign until Senators voting picks up. When voting opened yesterday only a third of people who came to the site actually voted on the designs. If you want to vote, either go to the SENATORS COMP page or click the image on the right.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Ryan)
Like all of us I tried to create a matching road white to the Wild's awesome home sweater. At first I thought it was working, now all I see is a Christmas themed jersey.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Avi)This is Avi's Wild jersey in his Nike Swift series. I think it's great except for the re-colouring of the logo.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Avi)Another in the Nike Swift series. This is Avi's Avalanche concept. Not bad but, I think them hem stripes should match the arm stripes. This also leads into my opinion that Colorado is in need of a rebrand. I think the current jersey (both pre and post Edge) has had a good run but, it's time to start over.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)Surprisingly I like the arms on this one. It's a nice clean jersey yet still has some character.

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Tom)Tom has done an amazing job creating a whole new brand for the Hurricanes! His logos are tremendous and I love that alternate "fauxback" jersey! I'm already nominating this for COTW.
Wild Lightning causes an Avalanche!!! Reviewed by Ryan on March 01, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

the Hurricane Rebrand is cool - but if used in the NHL the road would have to be white and not the wheat, or possibly gold that he's got there correct?

Anonymous said...

Oh and there are a lot of different colors going on in that Hurricanes re-brand.

I like it, but maybe eliminate a few of the colors like the lighter shade of green just to simplify it a bit more.

Ryan said...

Agreed, the road jersey would have to become white. I got caught up in how much I liked it, I forgot about the NHL and its rules.

Tom said...

You nailed it guys, I actually have a white version that i did, mostly anticipating the comments on the ruling. I just love the beige one too much that i had to keep it in there. Maybe I'll pass the white one on to Ryan so you guys can check it out.
As for the colours.... I'm a sucker for the busy stuff. I tried to simplify the third for you guys.

Glen said...

Tom: What is the logo? I can't make it out.

Tex said...

Great stuff Tom!

MMcG said...

Tom - I'd love to see the white version.

Feel free to email it to me at mmcg25 AT gmail DOT com

P.S. I'm the guy who initially posted as Anonymous

Tom said...

I'm not sure which one you mean so I'll explain em both. The top one is a C & an H The is sort of wind streaks flowing through the H. As for the secondary is just the C with the wind streaks as the title letter in Carolina. I'm glad you guys like it

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