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Weekend Posting of Concepts

I got a lot of response regarding the COTY voting surrounding WhiteLightning's concepts, including an email from WhiteLightning. At this point the voting is done and I can't prove anything. WhiteLightning's Minnesota Wild concept is COTW for February 2011. WhiteLightning, and everyone, understands that the 1st Quarter vote (and all votes from this point forward) will be monitored VERY closely by me. If anything suspicious does come up I will take appropriate action at that point.

I have also made the COTW/COTY rules more clear;These rules can now always be seen on the COTW and COTY pages. I will be slightly changing the look of the voting for COTW/Y. I might also have to disallow people leaving comments as "Anonymous". That wasn't done before because it can be a little bit of a bitch to add extra info. Yet, now I've had a few issues with people leaving comments as Anonymous and I've had to delete them.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Avi worked extra on this one and is quite proud of it. It is based off of what the union army wore in the civil war. The striping on the sleeve is the same style of stripes a sergeant would wear on their jacket.

Team USA concept (by Jack)
This is a good classic look for the Americans. Not as good as the current 3rd jersey they wore in the Olympics and World Juniors but, at least they don't look like the Rangers.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mason)
Purple and gold and the Dodgers script. I'm not as opposed to wordmarks as logos as most seem to be yet, I think there needs to be more going on with this script. It does have some potential though.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brandon)
Brandon used the 1924 World Champions logo that the Habs used the next season. Perosnally I love the idea of the team that won the Stanley Cup the previous season being allowed to wear a patch on their jersey all of the next season letting people know that they are the current champs. The Hawks should be allowed to wear last year's Stanley Cup Final patch all year this year!

Boston Bruins concept (by Ryan)
I want the Bruins to have a yellow alternate jersey. Seeing as the '10 Classic jersey was so popular, that was a good start. Yet, that jersey should be left alone as a jersey for just that occasion. So, I made this one with a few tweaks based on their current sweaters and the Fenway Classic jersey.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Jack)
I love it because it's unique however I don't want to see it on the ice. This may have sold as a jersey in the early to mid 90's but, not now. It could be cool as a special edition jersey sold at the arena for fans only?

New York Rangers concept (by Tex)
Tex has made a nice throwback here. I appreciate the addition of the vintage logo on the shoulders too.

New York Rangers concept (by Scott)
Scott and Tex don't know it but, they made a complete retro jersey set for the Rangers! I wouldn't be surprised to see Scott's version used at the 2011 Winter Classic.
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Michael said...

Avi's CBJ for COTW! Looks great! I would love to see that on the ice!

Stephan said...

jack for concept of the week

Will said...

Ryan, that Bruin's concept is amazing!!!!!

Will said...

I love Tex's and Scot's rangers jerseys.

Another Will

Tex said...

Love Avi's Jackets concept! COTW!


Avi said...


spirit104 said...

Could anyone leave me the blank concept for the Blue Jackets jersey. I've seen it before but it wouldn't let me get it. Also, I vote the Blue Jackets jersey for the concept of the week.

avi said...

ask ryan for it

spirit104 said...

thanks for the help

Glen said...

Hey Ryan. You can't start the Pens voting until you post the rest of the concepts! How can people vote for designs they haven't seen?


I have a question! Can u make a yellow version of the Boston Bruins current uniform? I think that the logo they use right now n 2016 would look KILLER on a yellow jersey! Thanx!

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