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Week of March 7-13, 2011

The winner of the Ottawa Senators Re-Design competition was Ryan (me). Voting results can be seen in the image below.

As was the prize, that entry is immediately entered into this week's COTW voting.

Sens Redesign Results
With the end of that redesign, comes another redesign!!! We will be redesigning the Pittsburgh Penguins! Refer to the PENGUINS COMP page for rules. Rules will be enforced and must be followed.

Last week's poll asked what NHL arenas you have been to. Shockingly (to me) the Ottawa Senators' Scotiabank Place has been the most visited arena amongst HJC readers. I'm even surprised that we all found that arena considering it's in the middle of nowhere!!!
Results of the vote can be seen below.I'm not surprised to see how popular Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Vancouver and the Rangers are. I am surprised to see how few people have been to Calgary, Colorado and Minnesota.

This week's poll is based on anti-fighting comments Mike Milbury made during Saturday's 2nd intermission of Hockey Night in Canada. You might be able to see the video here (approx the 4:25 mark). There might be regional restrictions though.

So I'm asking you if you think fighting should still be part of the game. In my opinion, I love going to a game and seeing a spur of the moment hockey fight. Yet, it's hard to justify letting men beat on each other because one doesn't like how the other is acting. There are a whole slew of reasons and excuses that are far too elaborate to get into here. Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW for Feb 28-Mar 6 is up on the left side of the page. To see the nominees, go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

And of course, the concepts...

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Mason)Nice fusion jersey here. Looks pretty good. To clarify, this would not be allowed in the Pens ReDesign Comp.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Zack)This is a fine jersey, maybe a little too white. I think I'm in the minority but, I don't think that the big foot logo is strong enough to be the main crest.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Dylan)Dylan prefers the leaf that Canada's national team wears and has replaced it on the front of the Maple Leafs' sweater. He has relegated the typical Leafs logo to the shoulders. He maintains the current alternate design without the arm stripes.

Providence Bruins concepts (by Connor)Connor is currently in the process of redesigning all of the AHL teams. He sent in a few as a preview and here is his first, the Providence Bruins.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Brian)Brian read, on a website called SensChirp.ca, that someone had a source who saw the new Sens 3rd in a presentation. So he's interpreted a quote and sent in this concept. Here's the quote;

it not a complete barber pole and that the design is more like the one that was floating around the net except the striping is different.
He also said that the colour is a dark charcoal and not jet black.
Oh and that it's 100% the vintage "O" logo

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)Tex has gone with a bit of a vintage look on this one. I like brown in the Bruins colours but, this one isn't working for me because there's too much brown.
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Jacob said...

about fighting, I don't think that hockey would ever be the same without it. I mean other than a goal or a big save, there is no other momentum boost for your team. I think fighting needs to stay in hockey.

Ryan said...

I disagree about momentum. A good shift where you keep the pressure on in the opposing zone can gain your team momentum as can a good, hard, clean body check.

Tex said...

Hallelujah! Finally a Pens redesign, down with vegas gold!

Tex said...

I agree with Ryan on momentum, but I'm not sure about fighting.

Will said...

for some reason, im drawn to that brown bruins jersey, i really like it.

Anonymous said...

change the off-white to white and im down with that bruins jersey!

Goal Line Design said...

outlaw it, maybe a game suspension or something but it shouldn't be completely out of the game. the sport would gain and lose lots of fans

Brad said...

hockey minus fighting equals European footy!

MMcG said...

Penguins jersey is sweet.

Maybe just use the skating Penguin instead of the circle logo though.

Tom said...

Hey! i'm from that middle of nowhere town! Kanata born and raised! lol

Ryan said...

@Tom: Were you born in the arena, the Toyota dealership or at the strip mall just down the way?

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