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Week of March 21-27, 2011

I've been talking about it for a week or so now so, here are the new COTW/COTY rules. The way we nominate concepts has changed. Read the rules and try to adhere to them. I mean, you can break the rules, I will just ignore your nomination.

The idea behind this is not me being a jerk. Just COTW has gotten a touch out of hand. The idea is that you want to nominate an EXCEPTIONAL concept. You don't want to nominate one just because you like it. Leave a comment if you like a concept. Also, if you see that someone has already nominated a concept that you were going to nominate, be sure to second that nomination or else the concept may not make it to COTW voting. I hope this new system works out and we have most things settled. Let me know what you think about the new system!

COTW voting for March 14-20 concepts is now happening. It is on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The Penguins ReDesign competition has wrapped up and the winner is...GLEN! Click here to check out Glen's winning entry. Because of his win, Glen is automatically entered into this week's COTW voting! Results for Pens ReDesign voting is below.

That leads to our next ReDesign competition. You will redesign the ATLANTA THRASHERS! Refer to the THRASHERS COMP tab for all of the rules.

Last week's poll asked what network provides the best coverage. 30% of the voters chose TSN.CBC came in 2nd with 24%. Your local broadcasters also did quite well if you combine the two (FSN and other). They had 28% of the vote, combined.

This week's poll is just something that I was thinking to myself. If Dallas and/or Minnesota were in a Winter Classic, who do you think has the "right" to wear the old North Stars logo? Voting is on the right side of the page and will run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Over the weekend we had a "24 hour, head-to-head" vote. It was Brian's heritage Blue Jackets concept versus Avi's Edge'd version of it. Brian's concept won by a score of 20-16! These 1-on-1 votes are fun. If you feel like getting in on it, arrange a challenge with a fellow concept artist and send them in. I'll see what I can do.

Matt has sent in another new template. It's the very popular Reebok Edge template from Sportslogos.net.This one is used for all NHL jerseys on that site. How do I know? Because Matt is the one who makes them for Sportslogos.net. This is the template he uses. Some of the collars are even his custom ones. This can now be found on the TEMPLATES page.

Winter Classic concepts (by Jack)When the Caps were in New Jersey on Friday, the Devils wore throwbacks. I suggested on Twitter that the Caps should've worn their Winter Classics. Jack has reversed those jerseys to come up with this Winter Classic idea.

Winter Classic concepts (by Mason)I guess this provides Mason's answer to this week's poll. He has the Dallas Stars against the Quebec Nordiques with both teams wearing their uni's from the early 80's. I like the look of this game!

St Louis Blues concept (by Ryan)I saw that trumpet logo from the 90's and thought it had some potential as a shoulder patch. I simplified the colours and threw it on a jersey inspired by their inaugural 1967 sweaters.

St Louis Blues concept (by Chris)Chris bases this possible Blues Winter Classic jersey on the old St Louis Flyers of the AHL.

That's what I got for today. There's a lot happening and I'm very much looking forward to this week and all of your comments!
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Goal Line Design said...

really like ryan's blues jersey! maybe some more navy though

spirit104 said...

Ryan's Blue's jersey for concept of the week.

Tex said...

Ryan, your Blues jersey is nice. I don't think it needs too much more navy. Also, nice use of the shoulder patch.

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