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Wednesday Concepts

Keep those Atlanta Thrashers ReDesigns coming in. I'll post the first batch tomorrow.

Dallas Stars concept (by Ryan)With the possibility of Dallas having a green alternate next season, I decided to use their old AHL affiliate's jersey, the Iowa Stars. It was a really good jersey so why not use it for Dallas?

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Spirit104)I do like a navy blue Oilers jersey but, I think more needs to be happening on this one. Some TV numbers? Shoulder patches? Some other colour to go along with the bronze on the arms?

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Andrew)I do like the jersey and the use of the original logo but, a team named the BLUE Jackets can not wear a RED jersey. Other than that blockade, this is a good concept.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Tex)Tex wants these jerseys used as home and aways and matched up with his COTW winning Sens jersey to create his ideal Senators jersey set. Tex's concepts really took off this month in terms of popularity. If you do enjoy his stuff, be sure to check out his site Hockey Concept Central.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Will)Will got this patch before it became the very popular shoulder patch and put it on the current Canucks jersey (at the time). Just imagine how popular this one would have been 10 years ago!

Washington Capitals concept (by Connor)Who can resist the urge to put the Weagle on a Caps concept? That's right, no one. With Washington's colours and that logo, almost every concept is instantly a winner.

Washington Capitals concept (by Scott)Scott also sent in his Weagle concept. White shoulders seem to be very popular amongst concept artists so, this jersey might be a hit. I really like the striping on the arms too.
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Glen said...

Ryan's Stars for COTW and full time home jersey use.

bluejackets2 said...

second that nomination

Connor Hanley said...

ryan can you die in a hole for me please. your stars concept is EXACTLY what i was using for my texas stars AHL redesign concept. sadface.

Harry Jackson said...

Ryan' Stars and Tex's Senators, for COTW. I would drop the striping on shoulder patch on the Senators though.

Tex said...

Ryan's Stars, definitely, for COTW.

MMcG said...

I think the Stars use a different gold though (old gold is it called)

What if you moved the bottom stripes up a bit and then left the bottom of the jersey green?

I wonder if Dallas will do a total overhaul soon? they could use it with their real jerseys.

Tex said...

Dallas will not be overhauling their home and road set this year, but they will be getting a new third for next year.

Ryan said...

@Harry Jackson, you can't nominate two concepts for COTW in the same day. New rules.


What is so special about the "Stick In Rink" logo used by the Vancouver Canucks? Y is it so popular? Just asking!

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