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Voting Results and LOTS of Concepts!

COTW voting went down from Monday to Thursday and we have a tie! Tex's New York Islanders concept tied with Ryan's Ottawa Senators concepts. Each had 23% of the votes. The only way to settle this is with a one day playoff! From today until tomorrow (Saturday) @ 6pm EST, it will be Tex-NYI vs Ryan-OTT on the left side of the page.

Speaking of voting, February's voting for Concept of the Year also concluded. With his second "miraculous" comeback, WhiteLightning "won" with 40% of the votes for his Minnesota Wild concepts. The "miraculous" part about it was when White gained 32% of his votes in the final 6 hours of voting. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when Tom's concept was winning COTW and White's cocnept made a "comeback" in the final hours. Obviously I find this all suspicious, as this kind of last minute rush voting only happens when WhiteLightning's concepts are involved. I haven't made a decision yet on what to do. I feel that if I let White's concepts go on in the COTY tournament this thing will continue to happen all year. Then someone's concept which is very deserving of the COTY title will lose because a way around the voting system was found. I'll definately take your comments on this matter. Either at the bottom of this post, on the HJC Facebook page or by email.

On to better things, concepts and a lot of them!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ryan)These didn't make the cut for Icethetics Jets concepts post earlier today. The Heritage Classic jersey is based off of the Winnipeg Falcons, who went to the Olympics to represent Canada in the first games that featured hockey.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Zack)I like the idea of a different logo but, I'm not a fan of the copper jersey.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Andrew)This is Andrew's first submission to HJC. It's a vintage mashup of the 50's white jersey and the Winter Classic jersey. Andrew also chose to use the IIHF Nike Swift jersey cut.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Dylan)It would be nice to see collar ties on the Blues' jerseys (I know it appears on their 3rds) but, this one needs a little more happening on it.

All Star Game concepts (by Jack)I can't fairly comment on these because I'm a traditionalist and haven't appreciated All Star jerseys since 2004.

Nashville Predators concept (by Brandon)This is good except I think I would like for under the arms to be yellow also instead of blue. I also wish that the stripes on the sleeves wouldn't drip off of the jersey.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason)I was never a fan of this Flyers logo but, I do like the black jersey. The Flyers' jerseys are so good right now that it's sometimes difficult to create a concept that doesn't use their template. Mason has done a good job here.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Tex)Tex has created the jersey that popular opinion has dictated that the Canucks should be wearing. I think in time there will have been enough pressure that it will change.

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Chris)Good set here. I MUCH prefer their 3rd jersey template in brick red as opposed to the black they use now. Nice.

So, a lot to cover here. Vote in the COTW playoff. Let me know what you think about what transpired in the COTY voting (in comments, by Facebook, by email). Keep voting in the Preds mustard jersey 1 on 1. Finally, the Pens ReDesign submissions have picked up! They look good so keep sending them in if you haven't already done so.
Voting Results and LOTS of Concepts! Reviewed by Ryan on March 11, 2011 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

good batch! my all star jeseys ARE NOT for the same year. they would be for 2 different years.

Anonymous said...

wow i really like ryans jets concepts! cotw!

wackofromcleveland said...

zack, tex and brandon=cotw

Brandon said...

Guess i didnt notice the stripes. ummmm they're streamers haha

Michael D said...

I love Jack's All Star jerseys. I want to nominate them for COTW. And for the COTY thing.. I think this time should be let go in case it was legit, but keep an eye on how things turn out in the future

Glen said...

Considering that WhiteL's concepts have been proven as identical to the work of other artists, I would negate his win for COTY and give it to the next closest. Also, I say all polls should have the results hidden in the future. Another suggestion I would have is to prevent anonymous nominations for COTW. How hard is it to type your name?

Will said...

I don't know, something is really strange about White Lightning winning again, I don't think it should be allowed. And like Glen said, Very similar to other peoples concepts.

Harry Jackson said...

White lightning, has something wierd going on, with that comeback

wackofromcleveland said...

Some of White Lightnings concepts are nearly direct ripoffs of others concepts, so that in itself should not be allowed, but if he can figure out a way around the voting system, that is unacceptable. There is something wrong with what is going on.

Pricilla said...

Tex's Vancouver Canucks concept is to die for!!!!

Anonymous said...

White lightning doesn't deserve to win. I don't like his concept at all,and I think he is cheating.

Andrew said...

Thanks for posting my jersey on your site! I'm making a new one right know!

Connor Hanley said...

Yeah I'm not sure WL is being fair here. Most winning vote counts that I usually see average out to like 18-24 and Ryan and Tex came close to that while WL alone got 34.

Andrew said...

Try mine for "Concept of the week." It might work.

P.S. (Sorry for mistake on spelling "now", I spelled it "Know".

Brandon said...

Ryan, Congrats on making it ine the icethetics post today!

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