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Thrashers ReDesign Entries

Unless there are more delivered to my inbox in the next 6 hours, here are the final Thrashers ReDesign entries. Again, because it's a competition I won't comment. I'll leave that for you guys. You can see the first batch of entries HERE.

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Brandon)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Brian)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Eric)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Glen)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Magnus)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Ryan)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Spirit104)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Tom)
Voting will start tomorrow and run until next Sunday.
Thrashers ReDesign Entries Reviewed by Ryan on March 27, 2011 Rating: 5


Connor Hanley said...

i'm a sucker for gradients. tom's will get my vote.

Brian said...

Ryan, that's a really good looking set you made! But what is that shoulder logo suppose to be?

Tex said...

Ryan, you already have my vote!

Brandon said...

personally, not a fan of the number's on tom's home and away. but the jerseys are pretty sweet

Brandon said...

oh and everybody should check out my new blog

Anonymous said...

Glen's designs are nice!

geeforlife said...

no goallinedesign?

Tom said...

i knew i was taking a big chance with the numbers haha. ah well, I'm glad you like the jerseys. I like the direction eric was going, but not so crazy about the white in the logo's

Tex said...

Tom, if you cut off the numbers at the bottom, it would be nice, I actually don't mind the gradient this time.


The numbers on Tom Atlanta Thrashers jerseys r SICK! I wish a team would try that with their numerals!

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