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Revisiting the Hurricanes - Bring Back the Nordiques

Yesterday I posted a great Hurricanes concept by Tom that got quite a good response in the comments. A couple of the comments also centred around the fact that Tom used a vintage white road jersey, which is not allowed by the NHL. Thus, he created a white version and sent it in!
Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Tom)
Los Angeles Kings concept (by Avi)Another in Avi's Nike Swift series. I like it except for the completely black arms. I would've just made the cuffs black or put black between the silver armbands.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Zack)Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Zack)Zack sent these in and called it "Then and Now". I think I prefer a blue Jets jersey to a red one. It's an interesting design, not liked personally but I'm sure others do.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Etienne)Rumours and anticipation have certainly picked up in Quebec City. Quebecor (a major media company) and their millions of dollars have jumped in bed with the city and province to help bring a NHL team to Quebec. Etienne bases his concepts on the premise that the Coyotes would relocate there. Also, check out these images of his. They are a concept for a new Colisee (home of the Nordiques). 1 2 3

Colorado Avalanche (by Bryan)Now we go to the current home of the former Nordiques. The jersey looks nice but, all I see is Avs colours on a Bruins jersey. The actual feature here though is the fused crest of the Avalanche and the Rockies!

That's all for today. Remember to vote in the Sens Redesign competition if you haven't already. Then get all of your friends to vote for you too! Also, join HJC on Facebook.
Revisiting the Hurricanes - Bring Back the Nordiques Reviewed by Ryan on March 02, 2011 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

NHL should allow vintage white jerseys.

Tom's white one is nice but the beige one from the other day is nicer I think.

Avi said...

ryan when will you post the set of CBJ unis i sent in to you over the weekend?

Anonymous said...

it's spelled STAAL. Not Stall.

Tom said...

hahaha, oh wow! good call....what a rookie mistake lol. I swear i knew that!

Ryan said...

@Avi. They will be posted when I get to them in the rotation. Plus, I got your Nike Swift series going right now.

Anonymous said...

Love the AVS concept jersey. The old Rockies logo in the background gives it that old-school feel.

Well Done!

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