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Rangers, Blues and Lethbridge

When the Sens released that video giving us a sneak peak at their upcoming jersey. I, probably like many of you, sat there studying it. After I was done with the jersey I focused on the new logos. Obviously the Ottawa shield logo gives us nothing except that it was a shield and it probably says Ottawa. So I created this;
Ottawa Senators logo concept (by Ryan)
The next item was the 20th anniversary patch, which now that I think of it, may appear in the shield above.
Ottawa Senators logo concept (by Ryan)
Tampa Bay is also going to have to create one of these (probably already has). I look forward to seeing that also.

Feel free to steal these and mod them and use them as you wish.

New York Rangers concept (by Mason)I like this but, I think it would be better without the shoulder yokes. Or, if you want the shoulder yokes make them navy so it's just the outline of the yoke.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Spirit104)I like trying to do something different on the shoulders. I think you need something else happening on the jersey also.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Chris)This is the Blues' 3rd jersey but, in honour of their 45th anniversary Chris has put a retro wordmark on the front.

Atlanta Flames concept (by Will)This is Will's come-to-life concept series. He's put an Atlanta Flames patch on a Calgary alternate jersey. The patch is in a circle to cover up some of the old printing on it. The jersey itself is actually quite good quality, which you can tell from the double elbows and weighted hem.

Lethbridge Hurricanes concepts (by Jack)Last week the WHL's Lethbridge Hurricanes announced that they were looking for "design inspiration" for their 2012-13 alternate jersey. They wanted fans to send in entries. Jack sent me these concepts. No word on if he sent them in as entries.

Dallas Stars concept (by Chris)Chris, like many of us, is not happy with the Stars' jerseys. He set out to create something different. He used a clipart of the Dallas skyline and added the Star. The flags are borrowed from the Texas Rangers but, I think give an appropriate feel to the jersey.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Jack)I like these jerseys. I think I would have liked them even more had someone shown them to me when the Leafs were wearing these. If the Leafs weren't so heavily steeped in tradition (not a bad thing) this would be accepted as a possible jersey.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Scott)For whatever reason, Columbus has been the most popular concept sent to me in 2011. I don't know why, because I think that they have one of the best sets in the league. These are good concepts, I just don't like the lighter blue on the collar of the road jersey.

You have just over 24 hours left to submit your Thrashers ReDesign. Deadline is tomorrow @ 11:59pm EST. So far, I have 14 entries! Response has been good again, yet down from the Pens comp. Hopefully I'll get a few last minute entries.
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Tune said...

i like the sens patch but i doubt they would use that head logo just because it wouldn't look as vintage.

Joshua Schroeder said...

I've got some Lethbridge concepts that I'll share, but I'm considering them under embargo until the contest closes.

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