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Quick Hit Tuesday Concepts

A little bit of an earlier post today. That's because I'm about to head out to the ACC to see the Leafs/Sabres game. Here's hoping for a Sabres' 3rds vs Leafs 3rds match-up (not very likely).

Ottawa Senators concept (by Tex)Tex knows that this is not what the new 3rd will look like but, he does like the look of the jersey itself. It's a touch too plain for me. It's getting into Dallas Stars territory.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Charles)Charles put the usual crest on the third jersey and moved the canon logo to the chest as a patch. I like that idea but, the red now seems out of place here.

New York Rangers concept (by Zack)Zack used the NYR wordmark here. I think the red and blue should switch places. After all, the Rangers sometimes are called the "Broadway Blueshirts".

Boston Bruins concept (by Spirit104)I like the slight changes to the vintage crest that Spirit has made here. I think the bear on the shoulder may need to be black or have a black outline though. Imagine trying to see it on TV? I don't think you could.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Jack)As a traditionalist, this one makes my blood curdle. I do like the pants though. Maybe others will have much more unbiased comments than myself.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Mason)Mason gave the Stars a complete overhaul here. It's a lot of stars but, it's far better than what they have now. I'm also really enjoying that alternate complete with Texas Rangers lettering.

Ohio State concept (by Tex)I have to tell you that I watch ZERO college hockey. So, I personally wouldn't know how to react to this jersey. It's grey and I like that but, I don't like the striping down the sides. I do like the striping on the arms though.
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Will said...

Ryan, I have to disagree, I like the simplicity of the Senators jersey. It has a very classic look, I like it better that is is bleach white, not wheathered white. I would even nominate it for Concept of the Week.

Will said...

Also, I dontt really like the Leafs jersey, but I do like the pants.

Tex said...

I think Jack's Leafs jersey would make a good Marlies jersey.

But blue on a Stars jersey? I don't know, but then again, anything is better than the current set.

Anonymous said...

the blue and black could work because of the lightning changing their scheme to blue and white leaving no one with a black, blue, and silver scheme.

Harry Jackson said...

Second that nomination. I like the thin striping, but I would change it to be the same thickness of the chest striping. As for the blue Stars concept, I don't mind it.

Tim said...

I don't find the blue on the Stars concept appealing, but I do like the Ohio State jersey, Tex, is it based off the basketball uniforms?

Chris said...

It's odd but I really like the blue on the stars

Tex said...

@ Tim

Yes, it was based off the basketball team's grey jerseys. Nice to see somebody caught that one.


I like Jack's Toronto Maple Leafs concept! I would actually like 2 c that on the ice! As a Bruins fan, I like that redesign it gives them some sorta image that they could probably start winning games with! But hey, that's just me

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