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Jets and Nords (and Bruins) Concepts Part II

The Thrashers ReDesigns are starting to come in and things are looking good so far. You still have until Sunday to get your's in. Be sure to read the rules before submitting.

For those who missed it yesterday, new COTW/COTY rules were posted. If you didn't read them, you can read them now, HERE.

Boston Bruins concept (by Connor)Connor gave the Bruins quite the vintage look here. I do enjoy the use of that "B" logo but, I'm not a fan of both black and brown being used.

Boston Bruins concept (by Jack)As much as I'd like to see a yellow Bruins jersey I don't think the "Bear Shield" logo is appropriate for the main crest.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Mason)I like this concept except for the removal of the sand colour. I might be the only person who thinks that wordmark is strong enough to be a main logo.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Connor)I like the new striping that Connor uses on the home and away. I also like the solo jet as the shoulder patch.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Brian)Brian altered the logo and added grey to the colour scheme. I don't like the logo change but, I love the jerseys. Logos on the arm stripes are terribly underused!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Stéphane)These are wonderful. Again, the addition of grey does a nice job updating the uniforms. The logo is really well done as is the inclusion of the "Goals for Kids" shoulder patch.
Jets and Nords (and Bruins) Concepts Part II Reviewed by Ryan on March 22, 2011 Rating: 5


bluejackets2 said...

stephane's jets for cotw

Ryan said...

Stephane's Jets for COTW seconded.

Tex said...

Great work Stephane, nomination "thirded"

spirit104 said...

Could anyone leave me the blank concept from Jack's Bruin's concept?

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