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Jackets, Blues and Manitoba Teams

Feedback has been really great for how we are going to handle COTW nominating. If you want to get in on the conversation go to the Facebook page and discuss. Or you can email me some of your ideas.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Tom)
Speaking of the Facebook page, Andy asked if someone could convert a Pensacola Ice Pilots logo into a Winnipeg Jets logo. 48 hours later Tom had made this, he then sent me the accompanying jersey concept!

Manitobe Moose concepts (by Scott)Sportslogos.net rumours suggest that if Winnipeg were to get a team the AHL name and colours would get the call up. So, Scott gave us a look at what those jerseys would look like with NHL marks and sponsorship patches removed. If any AHL brand were to get the promotion my choice would have to be the Moose.

Florida Panthers concept (by Spirit104)I don't know if the lighter blue works as the primary colour on the jersey here. It kind of makes it look like a pajama top. I do like the idea of trying to work the yellow in as a 3rd colour though.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Connor)Connor brought back the original logo here. I like the striping pattern but, what they use now is just fine.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Brian)What an amazing job Brian has done creating this Blue Jackets heritage jersey fauxback! I love the old striping and the he resisted the urge to use vintage white! The logo looks great in white. I really love the old style collar also. I smell an early COTW favourite here. Maybe even COTW for March.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Ryan)I wasn't able to get an entry in for the Penguins ReDesign comp because I was too hung up on trying not to use one of their old jerseys. Finally it got to the point where I realized that I wasn't going to get an acceptable entry in. As I did with the Sens Competition, I have posted my failed concepts here.

Dallas Stars concept (by Tex)A couple of days ago I posted a Stars concept by Mason. Someone in the comments was conversing with Tex and asked him to create a green version. Tex tried to create one with stars all the way down the sleeve but he said it looked too much like the Caps Winter Classic jersey.

St Louis Blues concepts (by Matt)Matt did a great job of converting the Blues' pre-Edge jerseys onto the Edge cut! Now why couldn't Reebok do the same?!?!?!!??! If the Blues had these jerseys I think they would have one of the best sets in the league.

St Louis Blues concepts (by Chris)Another way the Blues could have gone is retro. These look great also! Maybe the Blues will participate in a Classic one year and we'll get to see these.

Great batch of concepts today! Tomorrow's post might feature green concepts for St Patty's day. If you want to get a jersey posted tomorrow, send in a green concept.
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MMcG said...

That blue jackets concept is awesome.

I like your take on the Penguins, but lose the gold and creat a black and sport gold/yellow version of the white and yellow you created there.

Dallas is hopeless - they should just try a whole new overhaul for the Stars I think. or go back and tweek the old NorthStars jerseys that featured green, black, yellow and white, but just do em in dark green, sport gold, black and white.

Man I really like that blue jackets work! Good job to whoever did that one.

Darkside said...

I really love the Jackets fauxback and the two Blues sets. Really awesome!

The Penguins is also fine, but the second and third jersey look a bit too "Boston-ish" to me.

Avi said...

i might just have to edgify that jackets fauxback jersey!

MMcG said...

One thing on the Blue Jacket's concept - you would run into problems using name plates on the back I think. Maybe just eliminate the line of stars on it up top?

Brian said...

@ MMcG: It's a old style jersey ala 1935 Leafs without nameplates. Plus, the jersey would look way less cool with fewer stars anyway.

Andrew said...

That Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey sent in by Connor is AMAZING!!

COTW for this week!!!


I like how on Tex's concept when he puts his name & the year that he uses the teams lettering & numbers & puts it n that teams colors! That's cool!

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