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Green with Concept Envy

Yesterday I asked you guys to send in green concepts for today's St. Patrick's Day post. The response was great. Of course, Icethetics beat me to it today but, I'm sure there are a lot of green themed things going on all over the place today.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Trevor)These were the jerseys that got the ball rolling for the idea of green concepts today. It would be kind of neat and funny to see the Jackets warm-up in these.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Jacob)Here's another possible warm-up jersey for the Sabres. I personally am fine with green warm-up jerseys but, NEVER in a game...with one exception (read on)

Minnesota Wild concept (by Spirit104)The Wild are a team that don't have to do anything to fit into the St. Patty's Day theme. Spirit has gone even further here and given them a holiday appropriate logo.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brian)Brian has given his favourite team a St. Patrick's Day makeover. Didn't last time the Habs wear red and green they also tried to be like the Leafs with a big leaf as the crest?

Dallas Stars concept (by Jack)It's not necessarily a St Patrick's Day concept but, it is green and awesome. Sort of like the Hulk but, without all the anger. This is a great Stars concept and I'd love to see it as a 3rd next year.

Dallas Stars concept (by Mason)Also not necessarily a jersey themed for today but, I had this in the inbox from Mason and it was appropriate to post. Another great Stars green jersey and my favourite part is the white yokes.

Toronto St. Pats concept (by Ryan)Here is the exception to the rule I posted above. Green vintage jerseys like this or such as the Devils do, are completely acceptable for today. I thought I might be the only one to take the green challenge literally, then the next two came in.

Toronto St. Pats concept (by Scott)The Leafs already wore the 26-27 jerseys 9 years ago, so how about the 19-22 jerseys next?

Toronto St. Pats concepts (by Glen)
Or they could go with Glen's idea to wear the 22-25 jerseys. Glen has also given them a matching home green to go with it.

I hope everyone is sober enough to make comments. If not, drunken ramblings may be accepted.
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MMcG said...

Great work on the St. Pats concepts Ryan and Glen

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