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COTW Winner...Now COTY-FEB Starts

COTW for February 21-27 has been determined. With a miraculous comeback in the final hours of voting, WhiteLightning's Minnesota Wild concepts pulled out a victory by ONE vote. View the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. That puts the design into the voting for February's COTW. This will be our 2nd month voting in our march to determing the Concept of the Year! (I'm still thinking of a prize. Hey, I got 10 months!).

Entries can be seen on the COTY 2011 tab. Voting is on the left side of the page and will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

All Star Game concepts (by Avi)I'm a big fan of these designs. They are creative which ASG jerseys usually are. They also tie in nicely with the colours of the hosting Ottawa Senators.

Calgary Flames concept (by Tex)Tex put together a nice Flames concept using the red and yellow featured at the Heritage Classic.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Tex)Speaking of the Heritage Classic, to say that we all were underwhelmed by the Habs jerseys would be an understatement. Tex offered up this concept as a better alternative.

St Louis Blues concept (by Zack)
I like the design but, I don't think a grey jersey works for the Blues. Maybe have it the same colour as the yokes and switch the wordmark and the logo under the neck. I like the idea of a small team logo on the back rather than the Reebok logo.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Ryan)As I said when I posted this on CCSLC, there's nothing special here. I was just trying to create a black alternate jersey for the Flyers using their current retro styling.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)The alternate jersey library of the Blue Jackets is very popular with Avi in these designs. Home and roads based on the current alternate. Along with a return of the pre Edge alternate.

Good group of concepts today, what do you guys think?

Don't forget to vote for COTY-February and continue getting your friends to vote for the Senators redesigns!
COTW Winner...Now COTY-FEB Starts Reviewed by Ryan on March 04, 2011 Rating: 5


GLen said...

The more I look at them, the more I love that Anaheim design that's up for Feb COTY. It could go all the way.

Harry Jackson said...

Flames and Blues fot cotW

Anonymous said...

that flames jersey is a piece of crap, i have not seen one think from tex that looks like anything better than a total failure, all his jerseys are total crap.

chris said...

what do you guys think of the jackets series Avi made?

Ryan said...


Way to leave your name you cowardly piece of crap! The only way people get better is by leaving comments that they can work off of. Not just cruel slander. Hey, how many "kick ass" concepts have you sent in? None, because I haven't gotten anything from a GiantPussy@fuckeduplife.com

Brad said...

Ryan, you rock!

Will said...

what's wrong with that Flames jersey, it's really nice. i like it.

Matt Marczel said...

I love that All Star concept set, would be perfect for the 2012 ASG in Ottawa. Good Job!

Goal Line Design said...



thebigwaffles419 said...

anonymous, have some guts and put your name on a ridiculous comment like that, if you cant say anything constructive than keep your comments to yourself.

Dylan said...

Anonymous are u kidding me??? Grow a pair and put your name on I think Tex has had some good stuff in the past. Not too keen on the Flames but that Hab jersey is top notch. So in conclusion go f*#^ yourself

Hank said...

anonymous fuck off
btw tex's jerseys are awesome

steve333 said...

tex's concepts have come a long way, and recently they've been really good, anonymous what are you on?

Harry Jackson said...

anonymous you have nothing on tex's concept. go make your own flames concept and we'll compare. if you cant put yor name on it than your a uber coward.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Columbus Blue Jackets going to the Union Blue with the Cannon crest and using the Blue jersey with the black sleeves as the Alternate.


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