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COTW Winner and More Concepts

For the 2nd week in a row Avi won the Concept of the Week. Also for the 2nd week in a row, he won with a Columbus Blue Jackets concept. You can see Avi's winning concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Results of the vote are below.
Although Avi lost the head to head vote (20-16) to Brian, he did manage to win COTW by ONE vote! Voting was very close this week. Avi's concept moves on to COTW for March voting, which will start a week from today! Which means two weeks from today we will have the 1st Quarter Vote!

Ottawa Senators concept (by Avi)Icethetics showed us some screen caps of a presentation the Sens made which showed pieces of their upcoming 3rd jersey. Based on those images, Avi sent in this concept.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Spirit104)I think this jersey has potential but, I think it needs some white on it to brighten it up. Eventhough I do enjoy when people play around with the logos, I think there might be too much subtraction here. A few tweaks and this would be quite good.

New York Rangers concept (by Jack)I am one of few who has moved on from the Lady Liberty logo. I guess I have accepted that it's not coming back for a long time, if ever. I do like the jersey here though however, I would add hem stripes.

Kansas City Scouts concept (by Ryan)Last spring I abandoned a project I was doing on the site called the DHL. I thought this was my best concept of the bunch and now that I have way more readers I thought I'd re-do this Scouts concept.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Arjun)This is Arjun's first contribution to HJC. He has removed the black and used silver instead. I also think that the idea of the TV numbers on the shoulder yokes has some potential.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Chris)Chris has gone well off the beaten path with these Sabres concepts. He actually understands that they are a little out there but, he sent them in looking to get some feedback.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mason)I like this jersey but, it looks like a Leafs concept to me. And the Habs trying to be the Leafs doesn't work for either city. I do really like the idea of the logo returning to the arms stripes.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Gary)Gary is not a fan of the upcoming Kings' jersey switches. He really likes the purple and gold and finds the logo on the current alternate boring. So he was inspired by that logo and created this more colourful logo along with new purple and gold unis.

Keep sending in those Thrashers ReDesigns! Submission period ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Voting starts on Monday.

Also, if you have yet to check out the new COTW rules, be sure to do so on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.
COTW Winner and More Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on March 25, 2011 Rating: 5


Brian said...

Yeah, Avi won it, but it was basically my idea/concept with one or two tweeks.

Avi said...

brian when i sent it in, i gave you credit for the idea and ryan also posted that

Ryan said...

Can't argue with the voters Brian. They have spoken!!! (jk) I voted for your's though and you did win the head-to-head.

geoff said...

If only I could be on my way to the Sprint Center tonight wearing that Scouts jersey!!!

Although the Express concepts were also pretty awesome too!

Brian said...

Gary's purple and yellow Kings concept for COTW.

Tex said...

Jack's Rangers for COTW, one of the few liberty jersey concepts I actually like. I guess I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to nominate Arjun's Hurricanes.

Ryan said...

I second Gary's Kings concept nomination

Andrew said...

Arjun's Carolina Hurricanes for COTW!

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