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Caps, Glendale and More

Just over 24 hours left to vote for COTW. The leader currently has double the votes of 2nd place. When you vote do you think you're voting for the "underdog" or the "favourite"?

Washington Capitals concept (by Ryan)Being the capital of the States, I thought it fitting that Washington wear Team USA's Olympic striping. I placed the striping on the same cut jersey as their Winter Classic. I also put stars on the sleeve in the same style that the Americans had the design on theirs in Vancouver.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Spirit104)The "weagle" in a circle does have a neat retro feel to it. Thus, I like it on the shoulders on the blue jersey. I also like the striping on the blue jersey. The star logo might be a little too plain though.

Detroit Red Wings (by Harry)This is Harry's first contribution to HJC. He's taken the Wings' white jersey and switched it to red. To give it a vintage feel, he's used the old style logo and laces at the collar.

Glendale Guardians concepts (by Magnus)Magnus notes that one option that the city of Glendale may consider is a minor league team. So, he created the Glendale Guardians.

Lethbridge Hurricanes concept (by Scott)After Scott saw Jack's Lethbridge concepts he sent in his. Eventhough that Taz logo was an official logo, there might be problems nowadays with copyrights etc. I like the jersey except for the numbers on the front, a style already employed by Lethbridge.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Mason)I prefer this jersey in green. If it wasn't a Wild jersey it would be fine. That home jersey crest does make a good shoulder patch though.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Tex)Nice jersey and I like the varsity numbers on it. They fit the Jackets well. Yet, I think this jersey needs hem stripes. I also appreciate that Tex resisted the temptation the use white laces on the collar.

That's what I got for today. Also, if you haven't voted for the Thrashers ReDesign yet, be sure to by clicking on the banner on the right side of the page. The top 10 are only separated by 3 votes!
Caps, Glendale and More Reviewed by Ryan on March 30, 2011 Rating: 5


Tim said...

I LOVE that varsity font. I don't know if hem stripes would make it that much better. I also LOVE spirit 104s red Caps jersey, and Harry's vintage Wings concept.

Joshua Schroeder said...

Indeed I have heard that there were legal issues with the use of the Tasmanian Devil in the Hurricanes' logo, which is supposedly one of the reasons they quit using it. Besides that, I can assure you that that logo is not particularly beloved by most of the fans I know (myself included).

Aside from that component, I think that's a pretty solid concept. I could do without so much grey, but it doesn't look too bad on this jersey.


Totally agree with Tim on the varsity font. The numbers are the one part of the current Blue Jacket thirds that I don't like; I think swapping in a font like that varsity one would be a huge improvement.

Goal Line Design said...

very cool caps jersey

dont wanna take anything from ya but it kinda looks liek this one from icethetics


both very nice, clean jerseys

Ryan said...

@GLD Ha, I have seen that before but, I didn't remember it. Sorry to that person if they read this blog. No bad intentions. I guess we both copied Team USA though.

Goal Line Design said...

oh no i didn't mean it like you were copping. just both had great ideas

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