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Big Bruins Blowout!!!

If you're a Bruins fan, you're going to enjoy today's post! First, I must remind everyone to vote for your favourite Thrashers ReDesign on the THRASHERS COMP page. It's still tied at the top and only one vote separates the top 6!

New York Rangers concept (by Zack)On Tuesday I posted a Rangers concept by Zack and stated that I thought that the red and blue should switch places. Zack did that and sent it in. He prefers the original version.

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Brian)This is what Brian started with for the Thrashers ReDesign but, he couldn't get a white road jersey to match properly. So, he abandoned this idea and went with a powder blue design.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Harry)I like this, it's a nice use of the colours. Not too "in your face". I would change a couple of things, like the grey at the hem and the Ducks shouldn't be wearing collar laces...yet.

Boston Bruins concept (by Ryan)I used the bear from the current shoulder logo. I was trying to create a very heritage looking jersey based on THIS logo. You know the types from the early 1900's where the animal crest was just a blog of material stitched on? You would really only know it was that animal because of the team name.

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)Tex made this with a very vintage feel. I like the brown, as long as the gloves, pants and helmet were brown also. I think the crest needs somewhat of an outline.

Boston Bruins concept (by Scott)
This is a pretty cool yellow jersey and the striping is a little different from what we usually see. The mass amount of striping (that's a good thing) give this jersey a nice vintage look.

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)This one is a little less vintage then Tex's last one. It reminds a little bit of the 80's jersey. I personally don't like the white collar, I think it should be black. That's just me though.

Good batch of concepts for today. If you are a Bruins fan, I hope you enjoyed this because tonight the Leafs are going to CRUSH YOU!!!!...not likely, the Leafs haven't crushed anyone in years.

There may not be a post over the next 3 days. I have a lot of plans and I may not be able to get to the computer. If there is a post it'll probably be in the middle of the night. If I do get only a few seconds I may post a quick hit concept on the Facebook page.
Big Bruins Blowout!!! Reviewed by Ryan on March 31, 2011 Rating: 5


Brian said...

I love that vintage white bear logo, Ryan. The font reminds me of the one used by the Montreal Junior.

Anonymous said...

Scott's and Ryan's Bruins jerseys for concept of the week!

Andrew said...

The anonymous is me Andrew. Sorry

Ryan said...

Andrew, you need a Goodle account to nominate for COTW. And you can only nominate one concept per post.

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