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Penguins Redesign submissions have been rolling in. Not as quickly as the Sens ones but, still at a good enough pace. You guys waiting 'til the deadline to perfect your concepts or is interest low for this one?

Remember guys, if you send something into me, it doesn't go up on the blog immediately, unless it's relevant for the day (such as yesterday with the WIN and QUE concepts). So yes, eventually your concept will get posted. I make it a point to post everything I get. Having said that, I'm going to bust out a bunch of concepts today to try and unload the inbox.

Calgary Flames concept (by Spirit104)This one is too plain for me. The logo, player name and numbers would be difficult to see. It would make it look like a black jersey. Other than the red arms there isn't too much going on here. I could use shoulder patches and some white or stripes somewhere.

Colorado Avalanche (by Andy)The sleeve design is based on the old Colorado Rockies. I like the idea here. I think the home sweater should be their usual red. The Avs have a great and unique colour scheme to the NHL, they should keep it.

Chicago Blackhawks (by Tex)Good jersey here by Tex. That vintage logo is a favourite of mine. It seems that any jersey that it graces, it makes it a classy jersey.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Mason)Mason has taken both ideas that we've heard about the Panthers uniforms next year, and combined them to make this set. I like the jerseys but, I think you should remove the shoulder yoke and add white as a trim colour on the blue sweater.

Adirondack Phantoms concepts (by Connor)Continuing with Connor's AHL redesign preview. This is Philadelphia's farm team. Nice looking jerseys here. I don't think Flyers fans would be too happy though about their farm team wearing the same style numbers as the Penguins!

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Connor)
We all know the Whale fell flat on their face with their complete brand. Maybe if the owners grew some balls because from what I read, they were afraid to make a little bit of a connection to the Hartford Whalers and piss off the NHL. Maybe create a quality brand first then you can think about the NHL. Oh yeah...good concepts Connor.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Brian)Brian sent this in mere hours after the Sens contest deadline passed. He didn't intend to enter it into the contest. In fact, all he was doing was messing around with this year's All Star Game template and ended up with a Sens jersey!

Washington Capitals concept (by Jack)I like the direction this is going but, I think it's too blue. It needs more red and white. I like the strand of stars on the sleeve though.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brandon)I like this one. It's different and uses all the colours of the Caps well, I think. I like the different font and number styles. Maybe a "weagle" on the shoulders is the only thing I can suggest.
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Jacob said...

Brian's Senators concept is different, but I like it! I nominate it for COTW. Great job Brian!

Scott M. said...

The blue panther jersey looks too much like the Norfolk Admirals of the AHL

steve333 said...


Glen said...

Tex's Hawks jersey looks like it needs to be washed. Bleach white would be better.

Scott M. said...

the CT Whale jersey is a cross between the rangers liberty jersey and the hartford wolf pack uiforms

Connor Hanley said...

Actually Scott, it's a cross of the St Louis blues pre edge jersey and the Hartford whalers colours. The only thing from the wolf pack that I used was the yoke.

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