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Another Head-to-Head and West Coasters

In case you haven't voted yet in the Penguins ReDesign comp be sure to do so! It's currently a 3-way tie at the top of the leader board with 2nd place only one vote behind! Voting is taking place under the PENGUINS COMP tab.

This week I had a Blue Jackets concept sent to me by Brian. Avi was inspired enough to do an Edge'd version of the jersey. Now I've decided that they are both good enough that they must duel in a 24 hour (roughly) head-to-head vote! It's on the right side of the page. The winner gets...nothing. Well, maybe they'll get the thrill of victory?

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Will)Will sent in more of his concepts where he puts logos on blank jerseys. This is a pretty cool Kings jersey. If you showed up to shinny hockey in this you might get a few questions as to where it's from. Then you get to tell them that you made it.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Aokay)I like the idea of this as a simple jersey. I think it may need a small amount of purple on the arm stripes.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Connor)This is what the Ducks' third would have looked like if they carried it forward with the new colour scheme in 2006.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Glen)Glen reverts the Ducks back into their "Mighty" form here. I really like that white jersey! We've obviously seen the black jersey before. Then the eggplant jersey at the bottom I don't care for. Credit for the logo on the white jersey appears on the image.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Tex)Tex made a few slight alterations to the Kings 3rd then gave them a matching white jersey, which is rumoured to be happening for next season. Tex also provided a full body image, complete with white pants. Not sure how I feel about those.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Brandon)Brandon has made good use of the Sacramento Kings wordmark here. I really like that purple jersey!

I might post something tomorrow but, either way just want to let you guys know that I'll be announcing the next ReDesign team on Monday. Also on Monday I will be letting everyone know how COTW nominating will be working. Don't worry, not too much is changing. I just suggest that you get a Google account. (It's not difficult)
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Jacob said...

I nominate Glen's ducks set for COTW. Very nice work Glen!

Harry Jackson said...

I nominate Tex's and Brandon's Kings concepts for COTW. I actually like the white pants, but grey would be rally nice on Tex's set. I like the wordmark Brandon used.

Glen said...

All the silver in Connor's Ducks jersey would have been gold.

Jim said...

I personally like Aokay's concept best.


I like Glens purple Ducks jersey. If it was an actual jersey, I would buy it!

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