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Tampa Bay Yankees?

Earlier today I re-tweeted an article that ColorWerx brought to our attention on Twitter. Icethetics has since commented on said article. The article described the process of developing the new Lightning brand which was a 6 month process. One of the major decisions was to go to a blue and white colour scheme. The two shades of blue that they were debating on were the blue that they chose and Yankee blue. Here's what that might have looked like. My instant analysis is that I like it better than what they went with. Time may change my mind.
Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys - Yankee blue
Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Andy)This is Andy's first contribution to HJC. I like it except for the white section on the arms.

New York Rangers concepts (by Charles)Charles added black to the Rangers colour scheme. I gotta say I'm not a fan. I do like the idea of numbers that are just an outline on the white jersey. That would be neat to see on a jersey.

St Louis Blues concept (by Brandon)Brandon has added the 90's colour scheme to the current Blues' alternate. Think of how great this sweater would have been if it came out in the 90's! It would have sped up this current retro phase that we're in right now by 10 years.

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Connor)Connor replaced the red with blue which I believe actually has some significance. Maybe someone in the comments can bring me up to speed.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Tom)This is Tom's first contribution to HJC. This is a beautiful Ducks set! Tom brought back the Mighty Duck logo as most people desire. The orange becomes more prominent on the road white. The 90's alternate is a nice touch also. I always enjoyed those jerseys. Especially when they had a home and road version.
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Connor Hanley said...

i used the same shade of blue that the carolina panthers use.

Darkside said...

I prefer that shade of blue too, on TBL jerseys. It's so close to black, which is however my first choice (over blue).

Anonymous said...

Peter Karmanos decided to make the color of the team red because when they began construction of the RBC center (then the ESA), and he was doing the ceremonial first shoveling of dirt, he hit clay which was that color.


The Carolina Hurricanes used red, black & because that's the colors of the hurricane flag! Im not sure about the blue though!

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