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Super Mega Concepts Post

Better late than never, right? I know it may be the middle of the night but, I still have a tonne of concepts to share. Over the past 5 or so days I've gotten more concepts in my inbox than ever before! It's great, keep sending them in!

I'll start tonight with instant feedback and suggested changes for the Lightning's new uniforms.

Tampa Bay Lightning logo alteration (by Brian)I personally would switch the blue and the black.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Marian)Marian wants to add another colour to the blue and white palette, which you can see is becoming a theme.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Matt)I love these jerseys, as I'm usually a big fan of Matt's work. However, I don't think this idea works with Stevie Y's "classic and simple" theme.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Nothing wrong with this one at all. This jersey would also work quite well for the Capitals. Avi says that he got the logo on CCSLC. If anyone knows who drew it leave a comment so we can get some credit on here. UPDATE The logo has been found, here. The logo is by CCSLC board member "undead" of Ice Station Design Group (thanks to Jack for that info).

Winter Classic concept (by John)I think we've all wondered if a Winter Classic could work in a southern market. John is hoping so and came up with these concepts between the Kings and the Ducks. Got to love the return of Wild Wing but, I'm not so hot about the blue on the Kings jersey.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by WhiteLightning)Many fans have been crying out for the "stick in rink" logo to become a full time fixture on the Canucks sweaters. I don't know if the 90's jersey would be as widely accepted as an alternate though.

Dallas Stars concept (by Chris)This is Chris' first contribution to HJC. Nicely done, I think you've captured everything that people want to see in the upcoming Stars 3rd jersey. It evens makes the football style look acceptable. Too bad Reebok will give us some B.S. about not being able to make these jerseys.

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by WhiteLightning)Will the Canadiens ever have a 3rd jersey again? If they do, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one make its return...again.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Pat)Going back to the province of Quebec, Pat sent in a plethora of Nordiques concepts. Looking through them all I can't find a single objectionable jersey. All would be more than acceptable for the new Nordiques.

That's what I got tonight, I still have a bunch more. So if you didn't see your concept today, don't worry, it will get posted.

If you see these concepts and want to get in on making your own check out the TEMPLATES page and the PAINT.net TUTORIAL page. Then send them into;
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Stephan said...

i will niminate avi blue jackets for concept of the week

Goal Line Design said...

heres the logo


Dylan said...

I would like to mention that the Caps wore their Winter Classic Jerseys last night at home against the Canadiens. Looks like it will be their future third?

Ryan said...

Maybe not. The Wings wore their WC jersey for the final home game in 08-09 and it didn't become their 3rd.

Billy Mosetter said...


like the idea of the ducks in a W.C.

but i always said do ducks vs san jose

sharks go back to their original jerseys

ducks use the green jerseys from Mighty Ducks 1...any one remember them?

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