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I feel that over the last 5 days I've really ripped you HJC readers off. No posts over the weekend and a fairly weak post yesterday. I can't even claim that I was busy. It was a holiday weekend here in Ontario and I did nothing almost all weekend. I really didn't even get dressed, I just stayed in lounge pants and my old Minnesota North Stars shirt. Well my holiday ends right now! Here comes a very strong post full of concepts!!!

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Mason)Mason took the current alternate and made a road white. I think this jersey actually works better as a road white, with a few tweaks.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Jack)A return to the old jade colour wouldn't be frowned upon by many at all. The wavy hem stripe certainly would be something different in the NHL.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by WhiteLightning)I now think that within 5 years we will see the old Disney Duck logo return as the main crest. Maybe something similar to what W. Lightning has done here.

Renfrew Creamery Kings concept (by Tex)Renfrew was a member of the NHA which was a the pre-NHL. Tex did a great job bringing them back here, complete with NHA tags and logos on the jersey!

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Tex)This started out as a Toronto Blueshirts (NHA) concept but, Tex decided to change it to a Leafs concept with a nod back to the Blueshirts.

Florida Panthers concept (by Zack)It has a few too many colours happening here for me but, for the people of Miami, who knows?

Vacaville Jets concepts (by Zach)Zach sent this along and it may look like a Winnipeg Jets concept but it is a concept for his team that he plays for. I think this is a cool idea so if you can come up with a concept for your team, send it in! (That was not a contest, just a suggestion)

Buffalo Sabres heritage sweater concept (by Ryan)I found a cool image which I tried to turn into a template for those great Roger Edwards wool sweater/jerseys that Reebok makes. I did one here using the Sabres' Buffalo script.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by WhiteLightning)That's a great retro alternate jersey! It looks to be from both the 70's and the 80's. Also, we'd all love to see that road jersey but, stupid NHL colour jerseys vs white jerseys rule prevents it.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Jack)Surprisingly, that red jersey is in EA Sports NHL 11. They mistakenly used the current Flames' font on the retros. I do like it though. It would be a nice touch if they went full time retro.

There you go, lots of concepts and now I'm back! Keep sending in those Senators concepts for the redesign. I will post them in 1 or 2 big posts later this week. Please try to send the jerseys in one file as opposed to 2 or 3, thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Nice sabres concept!!!

Anonymous said...

tex, great work recently, both concepts for Cotw.

Goal Line Design said...

white lightning wild, switch logos and ur good

Harry Jackson said...

First time reader at HJC, and I live in Renfrew,ON. I really love concepts for the old team, so I niminate that for concept of the week. Great site here.

Glen said...

Ryan: My Rangers jersey?

Ryan said...

@Glen, I have a back log of concepts. Your concept will be posted, in time.

Anonymous said...

White Lightning's Wild Jerseys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Not bad, considering they're not his.

Road (Bmac): http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8dTS1-vDzPI/TKUisK3PLuI/AAAAAAAABIg/VcnVhd5KUBk/s1600/Wild+Road+2011.png

Alt (Connor Hanley): http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8dTS1-vDzPI/TEHX6E8ceSI/AAAAAAAAAss/_GysbDyo6zs/s1600/connor+hanley+1.png

Anonymous said...

well I didn't know they had already been sorta done.

Gotta love the Wild colors and logos though.

White Lightning said...


Any similarities were unintentional, I have only started getting into the concept thing recently, and I never looked at any of the older posts.

I think it's the kind of thing where people will all come up with the same type of thing, like the Oilers' road jersey, or the Penguins going back to their 80's jerseys.

Anonymous said...

even though we've seen something close to it already, I love w lightnings wild concept! I nominate it for cotw

Anonymous said...

Love the Leafs/Blueshirts! COTW!

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