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Saturday Afternoon Concepts

These may be the final Lightning "improvement" concepts for a while.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Brian)I love that fauxback with the circle logo. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this as an alternate in the next couple of years.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Ryan)I figured I better get in on this Lightning concept craze. Thus, here's my thought on a possible future third jersey.

I've gotten a lot of concepts recently from HJC first time contributors. I will now share some of those with you.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Magnus)I do enjoy that old WHA wordmark logo and I like the matching numbers. I don't like the numbers on the front of the jersey though. On a side note, this concept came from Sweden. Love the international contributors!

St Louis Blues concept (by Brandon)I've never been a fan of the trumpet logo but, I love it on this jersey. I think I even like this more than their current home sweater.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Bryan)The final first timer contribution today comes from Bryan who sends in this Oilers concept. I am a fan of possibly seeing a grey jersey in the NHL but, not on the Oilers. However, if they did take this jersey on, it would be better than the PJ's they have now!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Jack)Yesterday I posted another gold Pens jersey by Jack and it got a lot of positive response. So, I'm posting another one!

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Connor)Connor has added an extra stripe to the jerseys and given the Leafs an unexpected green third jersey.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by WhiteLightning)Mr. Lightning had the same idea here as Connor above just he didn't add the extra stripe. I think I prefer this green jersey.

That's all. It was a lot of concepts so leave a lot of comments!
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Connor Hanley said...

Jack gambro's pens for COTW. And if I can add a second I think that Bryans oilers concept is kick ass

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