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Sabres, Failed Sens, and More

I'm really impressed with the response so far for the Senators redesign competition! I posted the initial 8 entries on Thursday. Tomorrow I will post the remaining ones. Entries are still being accepted up until 11:59pm EST on Sunday. Please try to put your concepts on ONE image and submit that way. Also, it is VERY beneficial to you, if you want votes, to put your name on your concepts.

Calgary Flames concept (by Zack)I really like the flame design from the C logo on the sleeves. Also, the more I look at it, the more I like the flaming horse head logo as a shoulder patch.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason)Mason took the Winter Classic sweater and turned it blue. He's then added the current logo to it. My only question is, where's the "weagle"?!?!

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tex)

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Ryan)These were going to be my entry into the Sens competition but, I just couldn't get all of the elements that I wanted to work together.

Avi sent me a bunch of concepts, that I'll be posting over the next week or so, in which he adapted some NHL teams on to the IIHF used Nike Swift template.
Anaheim Ducks concept (by Avi)
Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Jack)Jack is currently in the process of redesigning every team in the NHL. He reveals his images on Fridays at his website, Goal Line Design. This was his Buffalo Sabres concept.
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michael said...

avi's cbj for cotw!

Anonymous said...

Tex's Sabres for COTW

Glen said...

Ryan: I can't believe how much we think alike! I was going to do EXACTLY what you did for your rejected Sens, but I couldn't get it to work either.

Ryan said...

@Glen: Were you getting your inspiration from the Ottawa 67's? I tried to.

Glen said...

Haha, I was, and since I wasn't allowed to do the stripes on a full yoke (because that's what the 67s do) I considered a partial like you did.

geoff said...

THe Sens jersey remind me of the "what if" Scouts jersey that I saw posted on this sight. I liked the Scouts version better but thats only because I live in Kansas CIty

thebigwaffles419 said...

Sabres jerseys are awesome!

Phil said...

I love the Calgary Jersey
is that one of their official logos?
Calgary for COTW!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that sabre sword logo, just gotta. Cotw

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