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Post Super Bowl Concepts

This has nothing to do with the Super Bowl but, you couldn't get around today without mentioning the Super Bowl. I mean really, who DIDN'T watch the Super Bowl?....me!

Washington Capitals concepts (by Connor)This is a mix of all 3 eras in Caps jersey history. You got the shoulder yokes from the 80's, the striping from the 90's and the colours from the current sweaters. Nice work.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Dylan)Dylan has brought back the "stick in rink" logo as the main crest here. Which is something that most have been asking for. I personally don't like the white shoulders on the home jersey.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Jacob)I think these jerseys have too much colour in too many places but, I'm a traditionalist. Maybe some less traditional thinkers may like this one?

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Stephen)Stephen has taken the current 3rd jersey template, added the old green and eggplant colours and used the more popular webbed "D" logo. He's also kept the gold from the current jerseys.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Ryan)As I wrote about a few months ago, Chinese jersey knock off creators got a hold of my Penguins Winter Classic jersey concept and came to believe that it was going to be the actual jersey! Read about it here if you don't know what I'm talking about. With the new template, I had no choice but to re-create my most famous jersey...haha.
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Anonymous said...

the caps concept is amazing

Anonymous said...

Sabres and Ducks are horrible.

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