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The Other Sens Entries

Just want to let everyone know that I'm trying out HJC on Facebook. You can click on the image on the left side to go there. We'll see how this goes. For me it will hopefully bring in new readers if you guys tell your friends about it and other people come across it on while creeping around. For you, it will be a place where you can further discuss the jerseys and what you'd like to see on HJC, etc.

Here are the last 9 entries that I received for the Sens redesign competition. You can still send in your concepts right up until 11:59pm EST today.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Brian)
Ottawa Senators concepts #2 (by Brian)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Eric)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Glen)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Jacob)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Mason)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Scott)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Spirit104)
Ottawa Senators concepts (by Tom)
Great stuff! This has been a really good turnout. Expect to see another competition in the near future. Any ideas? Who needs a revamp?
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Tex said...

The Penguins desperately need a revamp!

spirit104 said...

The Bruins need a revamp.

Goal Line Design said...

devils? islanders? everyone would do the same thing...i think. they would look to similar

Brandon said...

I'd like to see some "Wild" designs.. Ha.. Ha.. Pun intended.

Zack said...

Scott M
for winner

Anonymous said...

Panthers? Lightning?

Glen said...

We already did Florida. I like the idea of Tampa.

Goal Line Design said...

2012 all-star jerseys?

we've already seen everyone's lightning havent we?

Sprout7 said...

Jacob's design is awesome!!

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