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Mexican Concepts!

All Star Game concepts (by WhiteLightning)Pretty simple design here as White returns the conference logos to the main crest. Personally, I would make the cuffs the jersey colour rather than grey.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason)If the Flyers were to match their current set with a black alternate this is what it would look like. To me it's a little plain but, the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL wear this jersey and it looks allright. I think that's because of the big orange tiger face on the front of the sweater.

Team Mexico concept (by Luis)Luis sent this concept in for the team of his home country! I'll be honest, I had to go to Wikipedia to look up their history but, they currently sit 32nd in IIHF ranking (their highest ever). Their first game was in April 2000, where they lost 5-0 to Belgium. Then, 11 months later, they lost 19-0 to Romania. In 2005, they beat Armenia 48-0!!!!!

Zapotec Totems (by Luis)In March of 2010 Mexico formed its first semi-pro hockey league, the Mexican Elite League (LME). This team was the first of four to begin play in the league.

Aztec Eagle Warriors (by Luis)This was the second of four teams to begin play in the LME. The other two teams are the Mayan Astronomers and the Teotihuacan Priest.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by WhiteLightning)
This is a combination of Thrashers past and present. The home is the past road jersey on the present home jersey template. As is White's road jersey here. The alternate looks to be the current alternate on the current home template. I like the home jersey but, you can keep the rest.
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Tex said...

Did you really say 48-0!

Glen said...

Tex: That's NOTHING!

Slovakia's women once beat Bulgaria 82-0!

Here's the game sheet from that:

Glen said...

My bad on the link. Here's the correct one:

Glen said...

Crap! Add an "f" to the end of the link to make it work.

Tex said...

Thanks, I had no idea that a team could be that bad!

Tex said...

Really like the Thrashers concept by White Lightning, nominate for COTW

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