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January's COTW, Stars and Nordiques Concepts

After a week of voting the COTW for January has been decided.
All Star Game concepts (by Ryan)This concept won with 41% of the vote.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brandon)Here we have a gold Pens jersey. I get what Brandon's trying to do here but, I think this works better with the old yellow. I know a lot of people would like to see that also.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Bryan)Great looking retro jersey. If/when the Nordiques come back this would be a great jersey for an outdoor game. I think we'd all love it as a third but, eventually its charm would then wear off.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Chris)Chris wants to bring back the old star pattern on Dallas' jerseys. He's also switched to the black and gold colour scheme. I like these. I think the Dallas wordmark works here.

Dallas Stars concepts (by WhiteLightning)On the other side of the Dallas logo debate is to just go to a plain star logo. That's what WhiteLightning has done here. I love it, this may be my favourite Stars concept yet. He doesn't completely get rid of the wordmark as it appears on the alternate.

Dallas Stars concept (by Brian)Here's a retro looking Stars concept. I like the shade of green used. The striping pattern is pretty simple, in a good way.
January's COTW, Stars and Nordiques Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on February 12, 2011 Rating: 5


Brad said...

Congrats Ryan on Concept of Month win!

Dave Johnson said...

Wow, that Lightning guy's Stars concept is amazing! I nominate it for COTW.

Darkside said...

Love all the Dallas concepts, especially the last with the brighter shade of green (so Northstar-ish).
Great job also on the Nordiques one, but I'd keep the classic logo, relegating this one as a shoulder patch.


THOSE ALL STAR JERSEYS AT THE TOP R KILLER! I would love 2 c the All-Star Game jerseys go with a shoulder yoke! NICE JOB ON THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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