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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part IX

It's kinda ironic that the week that I'm due to post Tampa Bay, they release new uniforms. Maybe if they had seen these, the result might have been a lot better.

ST. LOUIS- I usually shy away from retro, as evidenced by my Flyers concept. However, the Blues have one of the best retro designs. With several of my royal blue teams getting replaced with navy, it was time for some more royal. St. Louis wore these jerseys from 1979-84. The alternate remains unchanged except that the bluenote is replaced by the 90s trumpet. Props to Connor Hanley for the template.

SAN JOSE- The 90s are back, and with them comes the return of real teal. Not that greenish-nasty colour that the Sharks are currently using. Also, the orange is gone. The only thing that I kept from the current Sharks is the alternate template and logos. The alternate logo is the diamond shoulder logo with the top of the diamond removed. It was inspired by the Worcester Sharks.

TAMPA BAY- "Classic, historic, instantly recognizable." Once upon a time, they had it. They won the Cup wearing it. Most importantly, they don't make them look like the "Tampa Bay Maple Wings" The logo is the team's new alternate logo with the circle removed. The victory stripes have returned under the arms. The alternate logo is the T and B from the team's wordmark. It also appears on the shoulders. I also only used three colours, only one more than the team currently uses.
Glen's NHL Rebrand Part IX Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on February 03, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Those Tampa jerseys are 300% better than what they came up with, also I love the Tampa 3rds .

MMcG said...

Great job on the Blues.

I'd see how they'd look with Navy as the base but with the retro striping - just to see what they might look like.

And on the third - I'd lose the trumpet and keep the Note.

Connor Hanley said...

I love that blues template. I wonder who made it?....

Glen said...

@Connor: This is you that ripped me for crediting you for the Preds template. Well, you asked for it.

Connor Hanley said...


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