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February 17, 2011

Glen's NHL Rebrand BONUS!

For every jersey, there are rejected concepts. Here are the ones that I rejected when I did my rebrand.

ANAHEIM- I originally had these three jerseys completed and ready to go. Then came the Ducks Rebrand Competition, and I returned them to eggplant and jade. It looked so good that I decided to keep it. Here's what I originally came up with:

CALGARY- I wanted to use the white C with the yellow and black outlines, but I wasn't sure how to execute that. I eventually went with the 90's alt, but before that, I considered this:

EDMONTON- This is the matching jersey to the alt that I used in my Rebrand. However, the Oilers never used this jersey. I rejected it to go with blue and orange on the team's pre-Edge template.

MINNESOTA- Nothing special here. I took the Wild's current alternate jersey and replaced the wordmark with just the M. I then decided to make green the primary road colour and replaced this jersey with their current red jersey.

RANGERS- The final jersey of my Rebrand belongs to the New York Rangers. It's their current alt with an altered Lady Liberty crest. The jersey that I finally decided on was inspired by the Kitchener Rangers.

That's all for me. Thanks for all your kind comments. It's been a blast.

What do you think? Are any of them better? Comment below


Tex said...

Glen, loved your rebrand all the way, especially your true Pittsburgh gold Penguins concept. Like the Oilers reject and the Ducks white jersey.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Minnesota "M" logo. Simple, classy and to the point. I never liked the "Wild" nickname, though. This logo plays up the fact that they represent Minnesota, and not the fact that their nickname is the Wild which is a good thing.