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COTW Winner, WC jerseys and Lots of Concepts!

Tex is the winner of COTW. He won by ONE vote!!! Check out his winning Sens jersey on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Hey, I just realized that's the first time in a long time that the words Sens and winning have appeared in the same sentence!

Last night the Penguins wore their Winter Classic jerseys inside for the first time.They beat the Kings in OT.

The Caps also wore their Classic jerseys indoors back on February 1st.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Dylan)EVERYONE is asking for the "O" logo on the front of the 3rd jersey! Will the Sens give it to us?

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Charles)It's not likely that the Habs would introduce a completely new jersey. However their farm team, the Hamilton Bulldogs, do try to wear some designs that people might want to see the Habs wear.

St Louis Blues concepts (by Brian)The lack of hem stripes on some teams' Edge jerseys don't bother me too much, except for the Blues. I love the addition of them here. I don't think I like the 90's coloured alternate though.

St Louis Blues concepts (by Brandon)I like what I see here, except for the gold shoulders. Make them the darker blue and you have a winner on the top one.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Ryan)I thought of what the Leafs might wear when they play in the Heritage Classic sometime. I was inspired by my wife's 1930's heritage Leafs jersey and the faux-felt patch on the front. So, I used it here along with the vintage white. The blue is also darker than what they normally wear.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)Avi was inspired by the Bolts recent changes towards a simple and classic look. Thus, he took the same approach to his team, the Blue Jackets. I'm a big fan of the home and away. I would be a big fan of the alternate if it was dark blue and black just like their early 2000's 3rd jersey.
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Matt said...

The Blue Jackets home and away look way to much like the Nashville Predators purposed new Home (current 3rd) and Away for next season. Not a big fan of having two teams in the same division having jerseys that are almost the same

Mike said...

Avi's CBJ for COTW

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