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Concepts...yes they are!

Tomorrow will be the first post of Ottawa Senators redesign entries. They look good so far. Deadline to get your entries in is Sunday, February 28 @ 11:59pm EST. If you've already submitted one and have another that you think is worthy, please submit it. The winner of the Sens Comp will automatically be entered into the next week's COTW voting!

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Ryan)I know the Wings will never have an alternate jersey. I put that aside and tried to logically think of something that they could use. I know a lot of people like a black jersey but, I'm not one of them. Thus I did a 30's/40's/50's throwback jersey with a few modifications.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Bryan)Bryan says the logo here is from a Duke University blog. For me, if the Devils were to have a different logo I think I'd want it to be a beast instead of a human devil.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Mason)This is an idea that has been floated around for a while. A black Devils 3rd in the red and green template. Not as long as Cpt. Lou is steering the boat.

New York Islanders concepts (by WhiteLightning)White has altered the lines on the home jersey and brought in an orange alternate. If the pre-Edge orange jersey was brought over, it might've looked something like this.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Roberto)This is Roberto's first attempts at concept jerseys and I'm pretty impressed.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Jack)As much as I too want to simplify the colour scheme, I find it hard to eliminate the red. I like where this is going but I think it needs that red somewhere.

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Tex)Good looking jersey. I'd just simplify the collar and make the numbers white.
Concepts...yes they are! Reviewed by Ryan on February 23, 2011 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

texs' is good. no need for white numbers, theres no other white AT all.

Anonymous said...

Navy blue for COTW

Anonymous said...

Ryan, for the Senators comp, do you have to create a home and away jersey? I think it said it under the Senators comp tab, just wanted to clarify.

Goal Line Design said...


1) You must create AT LEAST a new home and road jersey for the Ottawa Senators.

cody said...

for the thrashers jersey with out the red replace the yellow with red and u got yourself a big winner

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