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Big Dumping of Concepts!!!

To start I must note that the winner of this week's COTW was the Anaheim Ducks concept (by Ryan). The winning design is on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

I've got a lot of concepts to get through today so I won't comment on all of them. Please feel free to comment on them in the comments section, that's what it's there for. Plus, the concept artists would love to get feedback.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brandon)
Colorado Avalanche concept (by Mason)
Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)Avi wanted everyone to know that he is fully aware that his one concept looks like the Pens Winter Classic jersey. He thinks it looks better as a Jackets jersey. The other concept looks like an Oshawa Generals jersey, to me.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by WhiteLightning)I like the use of grey but, not with the vintage white.

Boston Bruins concept (by Chris)If the NHL were into promo nights this would be a good Bosox jersey. Thankfully the NHL is not into jersey promo nights.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Jack)I think the brown needs to be darker.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Charles)
New York Rangers concept (by Bryan)
Dallas Stars concept (by Mason)
Nashville Predators concepts (by WhiteLightning)I really do like the black alternate but, how many times now have we seen this be done before?

Whew, that was a lot of concepts. What do you think of them? Leave a comment, it's the only way we get better.
Big Dumping of Concepts!!! Reviewed by Ryan on February 18, 2011 Rating: 5


Glen said...

No grey alt for the Jackets. That's like the Leafs introducing a Red jersey,

Anonymous said...

i like the preds jerseys for COTW

Tex said...

Brandon, that is a phenomenal Avs concept, Brandons Avalanche for COTW!

geoff said...

Rangers definetly should look into using that shield logo. I like the Gray idea for a jersey but think that the Sharks ought to use that for an alternate.

greekofimportants said...

GLD's bruins, concept of the week!

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