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Usual Monday Happenings

I know I promised some updates this weekend, but it got busy and I got tired.

Anyways, lets take care of the usual Monday stuff.

Last week's Weekly Poll asked who YOUR most hated team in the NHL is. With 28% of the vote, Detroit is the most hated team.Coming in second place was "other" yet no one commented on who those other teams were. Coming in third were the Toronto Maple Leafs, followed by the Penguins, Canadiens, Flyers, Capitals, and Rangers.

I'm really surprised that Detroit is most hated. I know they win a lot, but they do it consistently and you gotta respect almost everyone on that team (except maybe Holmstrom). Detroit has built a team properly with no shortcuts.

I'm also surprised that the Rangers only had 5% of the vote. They have Sean Avery!!!

This week I'm asking who your favourite team is. I will make all 30 teams an option. Vote on the right side of the page. Voting runs until Sunday at 11:59pm EST.

Speaking of voting, last week's Concept of the Week nominees have been posted. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab and check them out. Then vote on the left side of the page. Voting runs until Thursday at 11:59pm EST.

Our latest winner of COTW was Brian with an Avalanche concept.
He comes in here with a sequel.
Colorado Avalanche conceptI like this. It's much better than their current jerseys. It would be a good replacement for the massive mistakes Reebok made with the changeover. The striping looks to be based on the 3rd jersey, which would also give some continuity to the uniforms.

Last post I promised my All Star Game concepts and here they are;
All Star Game conceptAll Star Game conceptIt just shows that the NHL doesn't really care about All Star jersey sales this year. The game is now under two weeks away and we have yet to officially see anything about jerseys. Do All Star jerseys even sell that well anyways? Maybe that's why the NHL is slow in releasing them.

A while ago, Brian sent in a black Ducks concept. Now he's sent in its white counterpart.
Anaheim Ducks conceptThis one is a winner to me. Then again, anything would be an improvement. I bet that it won't take too many years before we see this old Ducks logo full-time.

Icethetics asked concept contributors to send in improvements on the "Failed Whale". I sent this one in last night and when I awoke it was posted.
Connecticut Whale conceptsThat secondary logo is based off of the Rangers' Lady Liberty logo, which works seeing as they are the parent club.

There ya go! Be sure to vote for all that you can vote for. And leave comments so the concept artists can get better and if you think a concept is good enough for Concept of the Week nomination.

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Goal Line Design said...

good all star jerseys. i think the jerseys are gunna be kinda wild to reduce Chinese counter-fits. There was an article saying they'll be cracking down on them. It seems to be going on a lot so far this year.

Rangers Retro-Hem numbers, and the collar: "Established 1926"

Blue Jackets Alternate collar-"We fight, we march!, and on the outside of the collar-tribute to the team's late owner.

and now of course the all-star numbers.

Ryan said...

Rangers hem numbers aren't actually on the real jerseys. Only on limited edition ones sold in MSG & NHL store in NY.

Anonymous said...

It's west coast anon again, I hate Dallas

Tex said...

I hate Sean Avery.

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